Saturday, June 24, 2006


Just got back from the game. Holy shnikees. Big Papi does it again. I actually said this to my buddy right before he smashed yet another walkoff home run. Unbelievable. And Papelbon. I know it's the name of the blog, but OMG, the guy is unbelievable. Down to 0.24. I remember being psyched in '04 when Foulke was just over 1.0.

BTW, could you tell on TV how many Phillies fans were there? It was insane. I finally felt like it must feel like in other parks when red sox nation invades. And getting the walkoff win felt like such a great big, satisfying FU to all of them that were there. I have to say I had extra animosity towards the visiting fans because of the Myers wife beating incident. There was a guy near us that was wearing an actual wife-beater with a hand-scrawled Myers #39 shirt. A wife beater. Hand scrawled. With Myers name. WTF? Is the guy a wife beating fan? I heard from another buddy who was in the bleachers that he saw a couple of other guys that were sporting the same thing. That's class Phillies fans. Real class.

Let's imagine for a second how this might happen. You're a Phillies fan. You've planned this trip for months. You fly in with your buddies (on Southwest of course) and on the night you arrive you hear on the news that your ace was seen repeatedly striking his wife and dragging her by the hair after she fell on the street. You are so inspired that you take out your wife-beater (you brought one of course...because you do have a lot, a lot of culture) and you hand-scrawl your wife-beating pitcher's name on your shirt. YOU SOBER UP. And you still think it's a good idea to wear your shirt to the game. Well phuck you, you phucking phuck. I'm so glad that you lost. And you had to suffer the kick in the dick that is the walk off home run when you're the visiting team.

One last item. The Phillies. What kind of name is that? It would be like if we were called the Boston, Bosties and we regularly faced off against our arch enemies the New York, New Yorkies. I guess they were idiots back in the day too, when they created the team. It's like a baby New Yorky.

Signing off. With a lot of pride for our team and a lot of hostility towards our opponents.

...back to your regularly scheduled programming.


PS I sat in our regular seats in the right field grandstands...and the wait service sucks compared to the EMC club. ;-)

PPS How great is this picture? Note the helmet.


Adawg said...

Okay JS -- first of all, how jealous am I that you've gone to two games (wins no less) in the last three days. Props to Ellen for being a true Sox fan and understanding the importance of a husband attending Sox games! ;)

Second, I love the pic of Big Poppyseed chucking his helmet. I read in the Globe this AM that players on other teams are starting to emulate the "helmet toss". Now that is respect.

Along those lines, any question that Papi shouldn't at least get more votes than A-bag this year for MVP? I think Papi's biggest rivalry right now (other than maybe Vernon Wells) is the blog's other namesake, Big Papelbon.

Speaking of Big P, is this guy ever going to come back to earth? How money was this kid yesterday, coming out for 2 1/3 and whiffing half the guys he faced. He threw one to Ryan Howard that registered 97 on the gun. Wow! The craziest thing about yesterday's performance was another scoreless appearance by Papelbon and the fact that the kid's ERA drops by one 100th of a point. What? That is freakin' ridikolous. But that's what happens when you give up a hair less than a quarter of a run every 9 innings (for any of you math-challenged Nation fans, that's 1 run ever 36 innings)

Nice work JS -- keep the prose flowing.

Cog-Slice said...

1. Hating on you for the games you go to.

2. Beautious comments on the Phillies name, just great and on point.

3. The guys in wife beaters weren't people mocking Myers? I find it hard to believe that was their way of cheering for him.