Monday, June 26, 2006

A-Bag vs. Papi

First -- props to JStro, JS, and Cog-slice for jumping in with some guest prose. Very much appreciated on this end. I got many a chuckle from the numerous rants and am starting to wonder if JS may have caused as much controversy with his "Myers wife-beater wearing Phillies fan" as the actual Brett Myers with his "alleged" domestic abuse.

What's my point? Nothing related to the prior paragraph (other than the fact that I promise to keep this short so that I don't undermine my little bro's virgin post following today's game). Listening to our local radio station driving home tonight, I was listening to the Red Sox flagship station, WEEI. One of of the talk show hosts mentioned that Ortiz' walk off RBI today tied him with A-Rod for the AL league lead. What? I mean, what?

Believe me, I like A-Rod just like the next guy (that's a lie, I actually hate A-Rod). However, this is the guy that is the queen of empty, late game HRs with the Yanks either up or down by 10 runs. Usually they are of the solo varietal. Apparently I got my facts wrong. 11 times this season A-bag's late inning anti-heroics actually meant something. Very surprising. Just wanted to point that out. Carry on...

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