Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sox 2.0

OK. First off, it is just f'n weird to see Pedro sitting in another uniform, in the visitor's dugout, in Fenway. And nice job 'tek getting the clutch single with the bases juiced...it's obviously just after the first inning.

They just gave Petey the standing O that he deserves. Good to see. The campaign to boo him on Dirtdogs was shameful.

Now flashback to yesterday. This is how I experienced the game.

1pm. I log onto Gameday and Gameday audio at my computer in my officle. "Watch" Gameday and listen to Troop and Castiglione in streaming audio with my headphones on.

2pm. I have to head over to a meeting with a lot of super-duper high-level execs (I'm there to support my boss with the tech aspect of her preso...yes, I'm a glorified A/V guy, or at least I play one on TV). My phone is vibrating in my pocket throughout the meeting. I know that it's my buddy, Jesse who is at the game, sending me text message updates. Because this is such a high level meeting I cannot easily text back and forth as I would like. However I finally have to sneak a few peaks.

5pm. Meeting over. I high-tail it back to my car. I listen on the radio as the game goes into extra innings.

5:30pm...ish. Coco doubles! As I pull into my driveway I'm listening to Gonzalez's at bat. I make a break for it and make it upstairs to my apartment and turn on the TV just as Youk comes up to bat. The rest as they say is history. Youk doubles in Coco. And Papi does what he always does. BTW, in all the Papi hype, the clutchness of the Youkilis hit is barely discussed yesterday and today, and I would say does not get the recognition it deserves. Without that hit the game is over and we lose.

Anyway. I felt like this way a very 2.0 way to experience the game. Online, through text messages, then on the radio, then on TV. I hit all the channels except the live one.

Parting note. Petey should still be on our team. Just doesn't feel right. No the Sox shouldn't have matched the Mets offer...they should've wrapped him up in the '03 offseason.

...back to your regularly scheduled programming.


PS This is our chat transcript. Kind of funny.

Jesse (6/26 10:53 am): Can u get away?
Jon (6/26 11:12 am): For game? Unfortunately not.
Jesse (6/26 1:48 pm): You have new Picture Mail!
Click Go/View to see now. http://pictures.sprintpcs.com/?mivt=pEGr465C5U5GSatohkxa&shareName=MMS
Jon (6/26 1:54 pm): Nice...i'd say fu, but i've done a lot of seat gloating myself lately.
Jesse (6/26 1:52 pm): Tru dat.
Jesse (6/26 3:03 pm): 5 straight unanswered runs in the 6th...S
Jesse (6/26 3:12 pm): 6 NIL, good guys.
Jesse (6/26 4:03 pm): Pap trying 2 preserve one run lead-brought him in in 8th.
Jon (6/26 4:42 pm): And?
Jesse (6/26 4:42 pm): Pap shit the bed: gave up his first dinger. Now into xtra innings...
Jesse (6/26 4:50 pm): This is excruciating.
Jon (6/26 5:06 pm): Anything?
Jesse (6/26 5:07 pm): Had 2 on with 1 out in bottom of 10th but Gonzo lined into double play. Top of 11th
Jon (6/26 5:14 pm): Urrrrgh!
Jon (6/26 5:52 pm): Cmon tek!
Jesse (6/26 5:49 pm): This is killing me
Jon (6/26 5:58 pm): Yooooooooooooooooooouk!!!!!!!!!
Jesse (6/26 5:55 pm): I AM DYING
Jon (6/26 6:16 pm): Bet that made the pain worth it.

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