Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tough Loss for Pauley

Man, that was a tough loss. Who knows, maybe this kid David Pauley is a keeper. He certainly didn't do any worse than Josh Beckett last night and he was a far cry better than he was against Toronto (in spite of the Sox eventually winning that game). It's too bad that Francona kept him in one inning too long. Between he and Jon Lester (who is rumored to be a Saturday's day game starter), the Sox may need look no further than their minor league system for support.

How about Melke Cabrera taking away Manny's potential game tying home in the 8th? I didn't see it but Joe C. and Trup made it out to be quite the amazing play. It's funny because as soon as they mentioned it, I immediately thought of a game about 3-4 years ago late in the season where Terrence Long took away a game winner by Manny in the 9th inning (at Fenway). Well, I wasn't alone because 10 seconds later, Joe Castiglione mentioned the exact same play. Great minds...

A random golf note which may seem out of place in this blog but hell, it's my blog so I can put whatever I damn well please in it! Anyway, I went out to the local range tonight to hit some balls. Normally, I hit about 70% of the balls pretty well and then hook/scuff/slice the rest. Tonight was different. My dad gave me a tip the other day that made an amazing difference. "Put most of your weight on your back foot", he said. You know what? Not only did I hit with much more consistency but I was crushing my driver. It probably added 25 yards to my game. Go dad!

On a closing note, since I decided to start a blog with the title "Big Papelbon" in it, Mr. Papelbon has yet to see any action in a game. Maybe I need to change the name of the blog to "Big Seanez" or "Big Tavarez". I certainly wouldn't mind seeing those guys less!

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