Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fellow Human Comradeship

Adawg, JS, you guys know me very well. So you also know that I would never speak the words that I titled this entry, so it's kind of a joke, but at the same time it fits perfect. Anyway, two things to say today and they both have to do with the people of Boston.

Youk and PAPI Baby! 'Nuff said. I do want to make note that without Youk's line drive to center, Papi doesn't get his change to come up to the plate and complete his usual deed of brightening the good people of Boston's day/night.

On that note, last night and this morning I've felt a sense of community in Boston that is oh-so-rare these days. It all started yesterday evening on the way home from work. I'm sitting in a long line of traffic trying to exit the Alewife T station listening to WEEI with the guilty pleasure that the sox are in extra innings from an afternoon game. The game would have been over in 9 innings had Tavares, Seanez, and whomever not blown a 6-run lead.

After hearing the news that Philly score in the 12th, I am not 'that' worried about it -- maybe I should be since we were up 6-0 earlier in the game. Anyway, as I pull out of the garage the sox come to the plate and things start looking up when Coco Crisp leads off the inning with a double. As I continue to sit parked in traffic, my man Youk comes to the plate and I just know he's going to drive in the run to tie it. Of course the next thing I know I hear: 'there's a long line driiiiiive hit hard...' and can't help but start to laugh as the pathfinder in front of me has TWO fists pumping up and out of his sunroof as it swerves into the right lane.

Obviously this guy (who still wears his 'Live Strong bracelet, and I wonder how his didn't break yet - I went through 4 in 2 months and then gave up when they were being resold on eBay for double-digit prices) is listening to the game and felt the same as me. So I speed up next to him, beep the horn and pump my fist back to him. We laugh cause we're one in the same - on the way home from another day at work, but feeling good about it, and more importantly about Youk and the fact that there's a good chance Papi is going to get his change to work his magic.

That's been my first sense of community in Boston in a while (outside of Fenway park at least), and a funny one.
It's not quite a Thursday, October 28, 2004 day (I know you all know what happened the night before) in Boston. But it almost has that ring to it - Papi does it 2 games in a row this week, sun's out and weather is perfect (you know what that means if you work in Boston for scenery). It's all good...

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