Monday, June 05, 2006

Sinking Feeling

It's good when your starting pitcher only lasts 1 1/3 innings against the Yankees, right? Especially in the first game of a big series against the team only 1/2 game behind you in the loss column. Look at the bright side. Recent call up, Jermaine "Martin" VanBuren, just got the last two outs of the inning on deep fly balls after Beckett let up 7 runs in a row. I hate it when I get like this but when the Giambino stepped up to the plate with two men on and the score 5-2, I said to myself, "three run dinger". Next thing you know it was 8-2.

The thing about Beckett crapping the bed tonight is that the Yankees are on freakin' life support these days. I mean you want to talk about the walking wounded. Sheffield and Matsui are on the disabled list, Jeter has a bruised thumb, A-Rod and Giambi have the flu, Chacon has a bum leg, and Posada has a slightly torn hamstring. To top it all off, Mo Rivera has a bad back although he claims he's available if he's needed tonight.

Who knows, maybe this game will turn into a slug fest. I don't see the Sox getting more than two more runs off Mussina but the Yanks pen is definitely suspect, especially if Mo's not available. It would be poetic justice to have the Sox come back given how many times the Yanks have made late inning runs at other teams. And it's still early...


JS said...

Nice post, buddy. I don't see the sox getting any runs of Posada though. ;-)

Adawg said...

Good catch. Although the way the Yanks pitching staff is going (Mussina aside), maybe they should give Posada a shot at pitching. He throws a bullet down to second base. ;)