Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Morning Joe

Random baseball musings as the Sox win streak hits 10 games...
  • Our collective thoughts and prayers are with Peter Gammons who suffered a brain aneurysm on Tuesday. Look up the word "class" in the dictionary and Gammons picture appears next to it. His seminal Sunday morning "Notebook" format in the Boston Globe revolutionized the way baseball is covered. We wish you a speedy recovery Mr. Gammons.
  • Speaking of good writing, interesting article in today's Globe about our beloved slugger and recent walk off hero. Titled Thank Goodness for David Ortiz, the article begins "WHEN DAVID ORTIZ steps to the plate for the Boston Red Sox, you think about a bat connecting with a ball. You don't think about a fist connecting with a wife." A propos given some recent posts in this very blog.
  • JS -- love yesterday's post about Sox 2.0. Given the focus of my new job i.e all things Web 2.0, you make a clever point about how many of us are digesting our sports these days.
  • Glad to see the Nation cheer Pedro yesterday. It pissed me off when he left town and proceeded to act like a spoiled baby but it's easy to see that he was like a jilted lover -- it hurt him deeply that the Sox didn't try harder to keep him so he lashed out verbally to try and hurt back. I miss his pizazz and would love to see him end his career in a Sox uniform.
  • Was it just me or was there a touch of irony last night when Met's rookie left fielder, Lastings (great name), got turned around on Manny's fly ball to left field in the 4th inning? That was ugly.
  • I feel like an a-hole for saying this but how good does the Mike Lowell acquisition look right now. Not sure if you saw it but it looks like Bill Mueller (who is one of my favorite players btw) is done. Oh yeah, last time I checked Lowell was hitting .311 with 9 HRs and only 4 E's...
  • Two words: Jon Lester. Any doubt that this guy is the real deal? I didn't think so.
Time to grab that cup of coffee.

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