Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sunny San Francisco

Man is it beautiful out here in San Francisco. 65 degrees and sunny. Even better is the lack of rain!

I've been blogging my head off for my company at the Web 2.0 Expo so I don't have a whole lotta words left for Big P. right now. However, I couldn't resist mentioning two things:

- Was that an ass kicking the Sox put on the "Angels of California, in Anaheim, near Los Angeles but not that Close to San Diego" or what? I mean 25-3 over three games? Wow. I remember looking at the match up between the Sox and Angels a week ago when LA was 6-1 thinking, "this could be a close one". Not even close.

- Poor San Francisco Giants fans. I was walking by a sign the other day that was touting the '07 Giants. Want to know who the two poster boys were? If you guessed Barry Zito and Dave Roberts then you are correct. Yes, that's the same Barry "I'd be a 2-3 starter in anyone else but Pittsburgh, KC or Tampa Bay's rotation" Zito and Dave "I was a fourth outfielder for the Red Sox" Roberts. That's no disrespect for Roberts because he will always have a special place in my heart after stealing a certain base in a certain series against a certain rival. But a poster boy for your franchise? Yikes!

It's bad enough that SF fans have to look at Barry Bonds super sized head all the time. Now they have to hang their hopes on an overpaid, Jeckyll and Hide, curveball pitcher that may get 14 wins this year and a guy that is really a 4th outfielder for any decent team.

On that note, I can't wait for the Yanks/Sox series next weekend. Is it bad that I'm hoping for a 97 MPH fastball right up in A-Rod's grill? I didn't think so...

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