Friday, April 27, 2007

the bloody soX-Files

The Bloody Sock Episode…A conspiracy theory erupts in MD around the Red Sox/Yankees ALCS and following World Series and is ignited by a well-respected broadcaster. Talk about a case that screams for Fox Mulder and Dana Scully to investigate as this is definitely an X-File. After all, Fox understands the dynamics of Red Sox/Yankees baseball since he grew up in Chlimark, MA and is a Yankee’s fan. He has shown an ability to uncover much bigger scandals than this. Scully grew up in Annapolis, MD which is just miles away from where this scandal broke and X-File’s creator Chris Carter named her after Hall Of Fame Broadcaster VIN Scully. She is forensic pathologist and could do wonders with an almost 3-year old bloody sock. The stars are aligned for this pair to get to the bottom of things because The Truth is Out There.

A ton of information and statements have been made since Gary Thorne made his now famous comments on Curt Schilling and the bloody sock but please don’t tell me that any of it has been the truth. The spin doctors have taking over and everyone knows that the Red Sox cover up the truth better than the Cigarette Smoking Man. Did everyone catch the sham press conferences yesterday where Mirabelli and Thorne co-concocted a story before each of them went to the media yesterday that was designed to limit the backlash against both?

I’ve listened to so many people screaming on WEEI about this and then last night Red Light decides to rip every media person on the planet a new A-Hole in his blog. So many people were yelling and screaming that the bloody sock was the ALCS. Actually, it was both the ALCS and the World Series. Thorne is referencing the World Series game because Curt wrote on his sneakers K ALS and the bloody sock guaranteed the K ALS (Strike out ALS) would get a ton of attention. Personally, I never doubted that the blood on the sock was Schilling’s blood. I have always contended though that it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to know that the blood was applied to the outside of the sox as opposed to seeping through from the inside…especially the World Series game.

Does this take away from what Schilling did? I don’t think so because he risked his career by having that ankle surgery. I doubt many others of his brethren would have gutted it up in a similar circumstance. Would I put it past Schilling to dabble blood on the outside of the sock in the World Series game as a way to promote a charitable endeavor? Definitely not.

Now, what was said between Mirabelli and Thorne? We will never know for sure but I would think Thorne’s initial statements are way closer to what was actually said than what those two spewed for the media yesterday. Is it really a great secret that Schilling’s teammates in Philly, Arizona and Boston wouldn’t vote him most popular in the clubhouse? Christ, while I love and appreciate what the guy did to bring a championship to Boston he repeatedly rubs me the wrong way. I can certainly see why Randy Johnson and a host of other former teammates don’t have him on their Christmas card lists.

Will we ever get to the bottom of things and does it really matter? The answers are probably no and no unless Mulder & Scully are resurrected. Psst…Mulder go seek out the Dominican under the mango tree because he is the key to finding out the truth.

Me name is Junior Gong

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Adawg said...

JG -- great virgin post. While I agree with your premise that Schilling is shameless at times in his self-promo/promo for Curt's Pitch, I still feel like he's getting way too much shit for a guy that played an integral role in bringing us our first WS in 86 years. I'm not saying you aren't giving him his due but this whole "Sock Gate" story has me a little frustrated with the Jerry Callahans of the world. I look forward to more Junior Gong!