Monday, April 30, 2007

Quick Thoughts

Quick thoughts from the weekend:
  1. I'm officially ready to see Alex Cora start everyday at Second Base...I was actually ready about a week ago, but now I guess I'm making it "official". ;-)
    The guy's a gamer
  2. Is it me or does it feel like the Red Sox aren't that good? I mean they're good, but they don't seem like the type of fearsome team that you would think would be behind the best record in the AL. I guess maybe that means they're more of a "team" since you never know who's going to step up.
  3. Joe Buck and Tim McCarver may actually be a better broadcasting team than Jon Miller and Joe Morgan...I know that's not saying much...well it's actually saying that Jon Miller and Joe Morgan might be the worst broadcasting team ever. If they ever team up Morgan and McCarver, that will surely be the first sign of the Apocalypse.
  4. I don't care about their so-called bad attitudes, I'm freakin' psyched for Brandon Merriweather and Randy Moss...and I'm sorry a fake moon is funny. It's not "disgusting", Joe Buck.
That's it.


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Adawg said...


1. ditto (Pedroia will get there but Alex Cora is en fuego right now). Gotta ride the hot hand.
2. also agree -- I think what you're trying to put your finger on is that the Sox starting pitching and bullpen is so much better than anyone else's right now, they're kicking mucho asso. The hitting has been spotty at best.
3. McCarver, Buck and Morgan should go into the "Super Suck Broadcaster Hall of Fame"... IMMEDIATELY! No grace period.
4. I like guys that are compared to Ed Reed. Last time I checked, Ed Reed was good. He can also hit like a mofo. And yes, Randy is a gamble but you know what, they traded a freakin' fourth round pick for him. Oh yeah, and he agreed to take a $7 million paycut.

Rock on bro.