Thursday, April 19, 2007

He Should be 3-0

Well the Red Sox are quietly off to a pretty good start, with the starting pitching really stepping up. The offense on the other hand...pretty hot and cold. Varitek and Crisp continue to cause concern. The end of the line-up just feeling pretty weak at this point.

Which brings to light the steaming hot shit sandwiches that Matsuzaka got served, with one run of "run suport" over the past 18 innings in the last two games he's pitched.

I had the displeasure to watch the Felix Hernandez one hitter from Fenway for Dice-K's first home start. Both of the last two games he's pitched, if the Red Sox had just hit normally would have been wins, and he'd be 3-0 right now.

On a slightly different topic. The namesake of this blog has been amazing. He just gave up his first hit last night. Having called for it over the winter, I'm of course thrilled that they moved Big Papelbon back to the closer role. That first save after the Schilling start in Texas was a true save where it looked like the game was about to go down the toilet and a great start was going to be wasted. I think we'll end up with a lot more wins overall with Pap as the anchor man.

Really excited for the first Yankees series this weekend. We'll see how our hot pitching fares against their hot bats. I hear pitching is very important, but that you can't score runs without good hitting...who knew?


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Adawg said...

This is the "curse of the Sox Ace" coming into play here. It happened to Roger and Pedro. I think the phenomena is a combo of often pitching against the opposing teams ace (although that shouldn't be the case with Dice-K) and the bats taking a night off because they know their pitcher is going to be lights out. Let's hope this is a trend that doesn't continue...