Saturday, April 14, 2007

Drew Bledsoe's retirement

It was no real surprise last week to hear that Drew Bledsoe retired from the NFL after a long, pretty damn good career. He was done, he knew it, and just couldnt bring himself to play in a backup role somewhere, just as he left the Pats with the rise of Tom Brady. That being said, as a Dolphin fan who saw or heard him play against us twice a year for 12 years (9 with Pats, 3 with the Bills), I can offer nothing but solid respect for Bledsoe and his place in NFL lore. I dont know his record against the Fins, but I can remember that he would "bring it" anytime he played the Dolphins or anyone else, broken fingers and all. He was one of the first big name players in the Kraft era, the face of the franchise, helping guide the Pats to their second Superbowl, and helping to build a foundation that would later become a dynasty . Its possible that they couldnt have done it without him; remember in Pittsburgh when he came off the bench during the AFC championship to help lead the Pats to the SB ? This is the game and moment that I most remember Drew for. Lets hear it from ya'll and post up with some great DB moments, and does he belong in the Hall of Fame someday?

Its always football season at my house,


Adawg said...

LeeB -- great post. I was and still am a huge Drew Bledsoe fan, especially in his earlier days. For what it's worth, my top three "Drew" moments were:

- 1998 Monday night game against Miami (the "broken finger" game you alluded to in your post). I was at this game. Unbelievable finish. My top non-playoff football moment ever.

- Minnesota game during Drew's sophomore season in 1994. This was against Warren Moon in his later days. Bledsoe chucked the ball up 70 times (45 completions) that game and the Pats won 26-20 in OT

- The game right after the "broken finger" game, same situation against the Buffalo Bills. Bledsoe throws a 4th and really long pass completion to Shawn Jefferson. Pats win the game 25-21 as time expires.

BTW, did not know that Drew's middle name was McQueen.

Anonymous said...

Drew's retirement was inevitable. I wish the best for him and his family. It's tough to start a project and just when it's about to pay off for him, an injury took him out and Brady stepped into an almost complete project. All Brady had to do was not to screw up.

Drew to coach a team to Superbowl and win? Hope so...