Monday, April 09, 2007

Rooster Ramblings

Some random Sox thoughts from The Rooster:

-- Did the Red Sox REALLY need to let J.D. Drew wear No. 7 right after Trot leaves town? Granted, Trot never lived up to the huge expectations when he was first signed, but he was a Dirtdog for a decade. Meanwhile, Nomar’s number 5 continues to stay out of circulation. Maybe that’s fitting tho -- Trot’s uni continues to get dirty after he’s gone, and Nomar’s continues to stay clean.

-- Jerry Trupiano, wow, we miss ya big guy. I caught a few innings of the opener on RKO. Glenn Geffner was announcing an octave higher than Sanjaya.

-- There’s been a lot of nervous chatter on the local talk show airwaves about the potential trainwreck at the tail end of the Sox lineup. One thing I like down there: Pedroia doesn’t get cheated on his hacks. Varitek, on the other hand, looks Gedman-esque.

-- Raise your hand if you’d rather see Jacoby Ellsbury as the starting centerfielder right now.

-- Yes, we’re only a week into the season, but it already seems that the Yankees hopes of winning the AL East may hinge on two pitchers who aren’t even on their team now – Philip Hughes and the Rocket. If the Red Sox sales pitch works for Roger, it would be crippling for New York. Then again, at the rate the Yankees are pitching, Roger could name whatever price he wants and George would have to pay it.

-- Barry Bonds doesn’t look nearly as crippled at the plate as some writers led us to believe this offseason. The Giants come to Fenway at the Game 67 mark. If he gets some protection in that lineup, is it so unthinkable to believe he could be near the 18-20 home run mark? That would put him on the verge of Hank’s record at the Fens.

-- Do you get the feeling that this is the last week of the season where the Sox are remotely close to .500? Four terrifically pitched games out of the first six. Josh Beckett may have been the best sign of all. We all hoped for– and, in part, expected – Dice K magic. But the bar has been lowered for Beckett after last year’s 5.00 ERA. But if homeboy returns to the form that turbocharged the Marlins, this team could end up running away with the division.


LC said...

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Navin R. said...

Hey Rooster-

Geffner is horrible but he is only filling in this season because Dave O'Brien is still under contract with ESPN. O'Brien will be doing about 1/2 the games this year and then will be fulltime starting next year. He is very good and a local guy to boot.

Uncle Pucky said...

I have been listening to Sox games online (I live in DC) and I agree, this Geffner guy ain't so hot. Whenever I hear Geffner, I think I have stumbled onto the wrong game. Plus he sounds like one of the ESPN announcers that pretends like he knows the team, but really just looked at the statsheet 10 minutes before the game. Good to know that he isn't permanent

RedFish said...

Recently found out the hard way listening to MLB online about the Trupiano firing. Ouch. Cant stand the new guy, as he sounds just like any other new-school announcer without character or identity. Very vanilla. It just doesnt sound like summah without, "Way Back. WAY BACK! And Manny singles to left." At least not yet, to me, anyway. (Although here in Austin, TX its warming up and freakin' gorgeous this time of year) Anyway, so it goes. Dave OBrian is better than most- I heard him alot as the voice of the Marlins for years with Joe Angel. No complaints there, but this Geffner guy is a pud.