Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pats/Dolphins Day 1

A quick rundown of who you will be seeing twice a year with the Miami Dolphins, and the Pats lone pick.

1.Ted Ginn, Jr.- you all know who he is from the National Championship game. He is our replacement for Wes Welker- a stud kick-returner and slot reciever who can light it up. A bit smallish, but should provide some spark to what has been a flat offense the last few years. Worthy of a #1 pick, Im not so sure just yet. We will know better once he gets clobbered a bit by a DB at full speed. But Im glad the Dolphins didnt take Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn. Didnt like him to begin with- too cocky- and, seeing that he fell all the way to 22, he wasnt seen as the real deal in many coaches eyes. I'll trust our coach and GM on this one.

2.John Beck, QB, BYU. - Hopefully, Quinn will turn out to be a bust, and this guy will at least be decent. A very smart player who cannot throw deep consistantly, but doesnt force passes, and can lead a steady offense.

3. This is who the Dolphins got from the Pats for Welker- a badasscenter to hopefully anchor an emerging offensive line.

4. Lorenzo Booker, RB, Florida State (cue tomahawk chop) No one has heard of this guy because Bobby Bowden didnt use him as well as he could have and should have.. He is a solid runner, though. He will be the #3 back, behind Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. Look the fuck out.

Four very promising picks on the offensive side of the ball for the Fins-agreat Day 1.

As for your hometown Patriots, of course, Bill Bellachick makes the most of his only pick on the first day, again dipping into the endless well of Miami Hurricanes, a badass free safety that can hit hard, tackle well, and provide a serious presence on the field. Oh yeah, NFL scouts compare him to Ed Reed. "Hey Lee Evens of the Bills. Get off the turf, put your teeth back in your mouth, stop convulsing, and meet Brandon Meriweather of the Pats"

And once again, its ALWAYS football season at my house.


Adawg said...

Lee B -- I hope for the 'Fins sake, your gut is right about Quinn, Ginn Beck. Here's what Mel Kiper (I know, he's a putz) had to say about Miami's picks...

"The Miami Dolphins taking Ted Ginn Jr. was ridiculous. Not only did they have QB Brady Quinn staring them in the face, but they weren't going to have to trade up to get him. I understand Miami took QB John Beck in the second round, but Beck is not better than Quinn. Those two QBs will be measured against one another as time goes on."

RedFish said...

All those ESPN guys were in love with Tim Couch, Rick Mirer, we all know, the draft is unpredictable, as you all can attest to. "With the 199 pick, from Michigan, Tom Who?" I think Quinn is a little twit who would have held out for huge money with the #9 pick. We filled many needs on day 1.