Friday, April 27, 2007

One Cheer for Camby

Marcus Camby was named the NBA's Defensive Player of the Year today, which, since he's a UMass alum makes it an important news story. It would be especially cool if anyone actually cared about the NBA anymore. What went wrong there? I was a fantasy basketball owner for a bunch of years in the 90's, when professional basketball was still interesting. Now I might catch the tail end of a regular season game (one) and use these playoffs games to put me to sleep. How did Dr. Stern screw this thing up?

One reason to click through to the story is to see the porn star mustache Camby's sporting in the stock photo. Reminds me a little bit of the soul patch Aaron strolled out a couple of days ago. Nice going gents.


Adawg said...

Lil' Jim -- first of all, how could I resist commenting after you invoked the soul patch. :)

Regarding the NBA, I couldn't agree more. I've thought about this off and on over the years and I think the biggest issue is that we no longer get to fall in love with any of the NBA players when they are in college. For the last several years, the best players never went to college. Those that did spent a year or two on campus at best.

I will applaud Mr. Camby for winning this award. As a fellow UMass alumn, it's nice to see him win. His injuries didn't endear him to anyone but when you're 6' 10" and weigh 120 lbs., it's hard not to break your joints and limbs repeatedly.

RedFish said...

Soul patch has gotta look like this: