Saturday, June 09, 2007

What Fuels the Rocket?

I am absolutely convinced that Bonds, Sosa, McGuire as well as a huge number of major league ballplayers used and continue to use steroids and HGH. In my opinion pitchers are using every bit as much as hitters. I thought ever since Clemens left Boston he was on something and Kevin Hench wrote a stellar piece for Fox Sports on the possibility:
Kevin Hench

I went to the University of Rhode Island from '89 to '94 and 30% of my fraternity brothers were on steroids just in order to lift more and look bigger walking around campus. My buddies on the football team told me greater than 50% of the team was on something and Rhody football was only 1AA. These guys had almost nothing to gain except maybe a blow job from a co-ed who likes muscles and considering the frequency that Rhody girls went down on my non-steroid self I'm not sure it was at all needed.

Fast forward more than a decade and scientist have developed synthetic steroids and places like BALCO have learned how to maximize the results and minimize the negative effects of performance enhancing drugs. Hell, there is no known test for HGH so a player can take it without any worries. There are millions of dollars at stake for these guys and even more important than money for some is the opportunity to break records and cement their place in baseball history.

If the non-using ballplayers were to stand up and complain about those doing drugs I would be in their corner. However, nobody has ever spoken up so until I hear they have an issue with it I'm not really going to complain. Heck, as a fan I appreciate these athletes maximizing their skills via drugs because it makes for a higher level of competition. However, lets not try to pretend that use isn't rampant today even with baseball's new steroid policy. The media shouldn't just call out Barry Bonds and not ask the same type of critical questions about Roger Clemens. Drug use doesn't begin and end with Barry and Roger by a long shot but they are the two biggest names in the sport and as such will receive the most media coverage. It seems very odd that one only gets darts thrown at him while the other only gets roses.


hjs000 said...

Do you watch a lot of Fox News? Junior Gong? You really want to see the records of the hard working pure sport players of years past be ruined by these steroid machines? It was so sad for me, watching McGwire and Sosa vie for Maris's home run record in '98, knowing it was marred by steroid use. I really hope you posted this nonsense just to get us all riled up. It worked for me.

Junior Gong said...

Yes, it makes me so sad to see the great players of yesterday, upstanding men like HoF racist Ty Cobb get passed in the record books.

Perhaps if baseball didn't keep out many of the best players ever because of their skin color I would have more respect for their records.