Friday, June 15, 2007

Julian Rising

Am I the only member of Red Sox nation that now feels that Julian Tavarez gives the Sox their best shot at winning on a day in/day out basis? Now obviously Beckett is the Sox current ace at 9-1 (the 6.8 runs/game has not hurt his cause.) However, he's had a couple of shaky starts over the last month. Schilling, Dice-K and Wakefield have all had their recent gems but all have also had their shit pies too.

Julian Tavarez has not only pitched an average of six innings per game over his last seven games but he's also matched up against the opposing team's ace in several of his starts -- the A's Haren, the Yank's Mussina, the Twin's Santana, the Jay's Halladay - twice, the Ranger's Millwood and the Giant's Zito. That's a tough stretch of pitchers. Tavarez has also only given up more than four runs twice (five against the O's and 6 against the Jays).

What's been so clutch about Tavarez this year is the fact that he actually gives the Sox a shot at winning. Remember last year when the likes of Jason Johnson, Kyle Snyder, et. al were crapping the bed every fifth day? Now I actually look forward to the days when Tavarez is pitching.

As much as I'd like to see Lester called up sooner rather than later, I'm not convinced he's going to give us any more than Tavarez has this season. In fact, I'd be fine with the Sox holding off on bringing Lester up until someone gets hurt or they need him for a spot start. The guy is what, 22? Give him a little time.

Random note I: God love the Mets for blanking Roger and the Yanks tonight. Not that I was getting nervous but seeing the Sox lead over the Yanks shrink by seven games in ten days was giving me a negative boner. Dare I say that it looks like JD Drew might be breaking out of his slump? Other than last night where he actually crushed the ball a few times, he's started to put together some decent at bats. That could go a long way toward igniting this line up.

Random note II: how is it possible that Maglio Ordonez can look in the mirror and not say, "oh my God, I look like an absolute dufus?" If he hasn't, he should.

Oh yeah, and what about that Pedroia kid. 5 for 5. Are you kidding me? Dustin, shame on us for ever doubting you...


RedFish said...

Glad you mentioned Maglio Ordonez- Ive been meaning to blog about him being the poster boy in 2007 for a starting, All Star shut-out by all the ballot stuffers who know names, but not numbers.
Compare his stats with 2nd place vote getter, Manny Ramirez, and there is no logical reason for Manny to start the game over goofy-ass-lookin' Maglio.

Mags has WAY better stats than Manny in all areas: BA, hits, runs, doubles, home runs, RBIs, total bases, OnBase%, slugging percentage, and extra base hits. He's also hit into less double plays and has many less strike-outs than Manny. And a better fielding percentage.

And not to single out Manny, Mags is also besting #3 Ichiro across the board, and is equal to or better than first place vote- getter, Vlad Guerrero.
Ordonez will make the team, but its re-donk-ulous that he wont start. (Unless he catches up to Ichiro, who has over 100,000 votes more than Maglio.)

Every year, someone is screwed over by the farce of fan voting, and this year, its Maglio Ordonez.

TheRooster said...

Ordonez has been off the charts this year. He'll be voted onto the team by the players, so he'll get his props ... As far as the fan voting, I have zero problem the way it is. If I'm paying to see a game and you asked me who I'd want to watch in LF, I'd vote Manny over Ordonez every day. The starting lineups are a reward for the fans, not the players. The players are already rewarded quite nicely for playing

JS said...

I'd say that he should be on the all start team of worst hair cuts in baseball. Good call by A-Dawg on the doofus 'do.

To the subject of the blog. I wouldn't mind having Tavarez as the 5th starter when Lester comes back. At least you know what you're getting when he starts as opposed to Dr Jekyll and Mr Wakefield. Don't get me wrong. I love the Wake, but there's as good a chance of him being unhittable as there is of him serving up in-game batting practice...

Adawg said...

In response to JS' comment, I'd take it one further. Let's bring up Lester -- option Wake to the bullpen for long relief (a roll he's done before), make Snyder the guy you go to in the 6th or 7th and trade Mike Timlin to the Yankees for ANYONE.

Mike -- I love you baby but you are just not that good anymore.

RedFish said...

In response to Rooster's comment on Mags, yeah, thats the other side of seeing things, as there are really only two ways to go on this ongoing issue, and that's cool and all. But what if it was Manny having a lights-out season, getting shafted by the fans and another players' popularity. Would you still agree with your statement?

Question: When Wakefield pitched long relief, did they switch catchers in the early innings as well to accommodate him? I forget. And if so, would this be a good thing, since Tek is obviously a much better offensive player than Mirabelli and his .197 batting avg.?

Coco is soon going to match-up with Dominique Wilkins as the human highlight film.

And I agree with Timlin to the Yankees, but just give him to them, so we dont get some loser, bottom-feeder Yankee from this years suck-ass squad in return. A trade would be akin to a booger for a fart.

Adawg said...

Tavarez' line from last night:

7 3 0 0 0 1 4

Not too shabby for a number 5. He's also 4-0 in his last 7 starts.