Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Trading deadline starting to inch closer. If things don't change I think you need a bat in the outfield, as Coco/Drew/Pena/Hinske, cannot seem to get it together. Since Drew is untradable (wow is this turning out to be a crap deal) I think it'll have to be some type of combo of Coco/Pena/Hinske, for I don't know who. Even though I really don't want to move Coco, I think it's getting to that point where you have to consider it.

Also, we need a backup catcher. Mirabelli is older than Varitek…oh and he sucks. He can catch Wake and has an occasional big hit. But he can't run the staff and his bat is too weak. And Kottaras waiting in the wings is not a good security blanket.

I never propose trade targets since I never know what makes a guy available. BTW, I heard that NY and Chicago are talking about an Abreu for Jermaine Dye trade. Ummm…I don't get it. Why the f*ck would you do that if you were Chicago? It's like the Yankees can cast some spell on other teams that make them trade away their best players to them. I guess that spell is called, CASH. Oh well. Maybe the newly spendy Red Sox should try and move in on Dye. Something needs to happen to bolster the end of the lineup. Minor holes to fill. Good problems to have.



TheRooster said...

Kenny Lofton might be a good guy to add for the stretch. Texas certainly has no need to hang on to him

TheRooster said...

Scott Hatteberg might be another guy they'd be able to pick up cheaply from the Reds

Adawg said...

Another solution would be to look internally at either Jacoby Ellsbury or David Murphy. Both have been hitting lights out in the minors and are highly rated on the Sox (and external scouts) charts.

RedFish said...

. Its just too soon to want Theo to start desperately trading for and bringing in players like its a Fantasy baseball league, especially to replace a big money player who is more than solid when healthy. Plus, what does it matter- The Sox are up a ton of games, and I keep reading about how the division race is already over and wrapped up and all that. So why worry about things in June. They are the best team in baseball, right?

I think ADAWG has the right idea in keeping it in-house for the time being, at least until Drew is healthy, and see how the young guys look and perform on the big stage. Hopefully the Sox can use them in the post season, having a bit of experience.
Theo needs to wait 6 weeks and see where the Sox are when nearing the trading deadline before he starts to sweat. Once Drew is healthy, he will command respect from all the naysayers out there. You cant give up on him just yet. If he's healthy and sucking in August and Sept., I'll join the "Drew-is-a failure-for-the Sox" brigade. Until then, I hope he gets well and puts on a second-half show for the ages.

RedFish said...

Plus, CoCo plays some pretty good defense in CF, doesnt he? Does he have a good throwing-arm? Id keep him based on that sideways, diving catch he made last year alone.
And I agree with the backupcatcher need. How much longer does Wakey have as a Sox?
Definitely good problems to have, JS.
Go Sox. Go Theo.

JS said...

Awesome comments. I agree that our minor league prospects might be the best option in the outfield. I don't want to move Coco, but if he's still hitting around the .230 mark in the end of July I think you need to think about moving him if you want to get another championship. The end of the lineup is horrid right now...punctuated by getting blanked by Lenny DiNardo last night. JD Drew is immovable due to his deal...plus he has to step up sometime right? Not having a viable backup catcher is the scariest thing right now. We should have Varitek mentoring someone right now, who could step into his role when the inevitable decline happens...someone who can hit.

TheRooster said...

Crisp is on a very short leash. Beyond his lack of production and the throwing problems, he's developed the rep as a party boy on the club scene in Boston. Not a good mix. I'd be surprised if he was the starting CF come October. Personally, I'd much rather see a veteran like Lofton come in and keep the seat warm till Ellsbury's ready next year. If later in the season you can add a few older guys who've gripped the bat under the October pressures -- without sacrificing young kids -- why not do it?

Junior Gong said...

Coco loves the coca leaf. If the guy concentrated as much on hitting as he does scoring at Saint we would probably not have a problem in center field.

I'm not sure why exploring moves that would improve your team would be labeled desperate but JD's fluffer obviously terms things differently than me.

RedFish said...

Desperate was a strong word. I retract it. I thought about that at work today. Maybe I should have said carelessly, as in pulling a trade before allowing things to develop, at least for a few more weeks.
And if CoCo is all buttered-up, with his attention elsewhere, well, that changes everything, especially if he has throwing problems.

And Junior, do you really know what a fluffer is, or did you make up that definition, too? Lets move on, and be nice, OK. Lots of words you could have used other than fluffer. Im sorry if I frustrated you, but there is no need for name calling.

Apologies to JS, who wrote an excellent blog.

JS said...

No apologies necessary...and many good chuckles from these comments.