Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lowell to the Bruins?

As a Florida Marlins fan and a big Mike Lowell fan, may I be the first to say how feckin' cool it was to see Mikey put -a-hurtin' on Robinson Cano yesterday, (even though he was able turn the double-play). Not much to opine upon, but Ive seen alot of baseball, as have we all, and cannot remember ever seeing a play like that one- at least so far away from the ice. I mean, he waited for Cano to get anywhere near him, got set up, and then checked Cano. Hockey style. Lowell is as genuinely nice a guy as you will ever know, and it was a clean play, but WOW- what a baller. It was great. As was his 3-4, 4 RBI day against the Yanks.

And as for Doug Mientkiewicz, do ya'll think that he wants to keep the ball that he almost caught before getting clobbered by Bonecrusher Lowell?

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Adawg said...

I loved Lowell's hit on Cano as well. Doubly sweet were Buck and McCarver's comments about how "that was totally legal". They even went on to say that Lowell's move was legal while A-rod's hit on Pedroia a couple weeks before was not legal. Even better were Lowell's comments following the game as he confirmed that it was the Yankees system (he was a Yanks farmhand) that taught him that maneuver i.e. break up the double play using any means possible.