Friday, June 08, 2007

Tough series ahead

Well, fortunately for the Sox, they will miss Randy Johnson in this series and get the #4 and #5 part of Arizona's pitching line-up, before having to face stud-boy Brandon Webb on Sunday. Unfortunately for the Sox, the #4 and #5 are pretty darn good this season. 4-6, but with a 3.05 era, and 4-1, 3.86 era, respectively. They also have some pretty strong middle guys like Pena and Lyon, and a closer with 21 of 24 saves converted in Velarde. Hope the Sox left their wiffle-ball bats in Oakland and brought the real wood home with them. While the D-Backs' hitting is less than stellar, they are ranked 4th in the majors in pitching. Maybe some more 3-2, 1-0 games, hopefully with the good guys on top.

Go Sox.


Junior Gong said...

Did Johnson get hurt? Last I heard he scheduled to pitch Sunday against Dice-K.

RedFish said...

How right you are. Johnson and Webb must have switched position in the pitching order. I was using the depth chart for AZ pitchers on The page must not be updated. So its good that we will miss Webb- cause that boy can pitch. Randy is 8-2, 5.01 era career @ the Fens, where he gives up a lot of runs.

RedFish said...

The Yanks will face Webb and Livan Hernandez on Tues. and Wedns.