Sunday, January 10, 2010

One and Done.

Not to be too flip about it, but it's hard to win a playoff game when
  1. The other team catches a bunch of early breaks;
  2. You play out of rhythm from the start; and
  3. The other team flat outplays you.
Did I miss anything?


KFFBOS said...

The only thing I really believe in, at least in the Patriots debacle, is #3. The Ravens came to play, from the outset, the Patriots did not. They had their opportunities and could not make it happen. If you watch the game again, which I am actually doing right now, the Pats had the ball four times in the first half with decent field position and only scored 7 points.

Sure two of the INTs bounced off of WRs hands, but the Patriots also got the ball deep in Baltimore territory on a bad call.

The Patriots, as we've said all year, were not going to compete for a title in 2009. But I thought we would end our decade of dominance fighting, not sputtering.

I'll have a Pats recap post sometime this week after I digest it all.

adamcohen said...

In the Pats recap, some topics to hit on: Welker, Seymour, McDaniels, Moss, Moroney (spelled wrong intentionally), and Pioli. And building for the future.

I think losing that way in the SB two years ago was a worse stomach punch only because expectations were high, but this was up there with some of the better stomach punches I've had. And it was all in the first quarter. Shock and awe.