Friday, January 08, 2010

NFL Playoffs Week One Picks

Because you all were wondering:

Jets at Bengals
Classic Wild Card weekend game. Rookie QB who has been shaky all year, on the road against a team that knew they wanted this match up last week to tanked it early. We might see a decent score at the half, but the Bengals run away with this one on the legs of Cedric Benson who is still upset about Colt McCoy's injury.

Jets 17 - Bengals 31

Eagles at Cowboys
Could you think of two more inept coaches to face off against each other in the first round. Wait. What? Andy Reid has actually been making all the right moves lately and Donovan McNabb has a chip on his shoulder right now? Watch out Cowboys, Eagles will peck your eyes out. Romo fumbles the snap from center for a potentially game tying FG at the end of the game and immediately breaks into a Jessica Simpson song.

Eagles 24 - Cowboys 21

Green Bay at Arizona
Can you think of another time when three of the four playoff games in one weekend were teams that faced each other just in the last week? You can? Well then you are a downright dirty liar because it has never happened before. Shame on you for lying to me. And shame on the Arizona Cardinals for having all their good players injured for this game because it won't even be competitive without a healthy Warner, Fitzgerald and more.

Green Bay 34 - Arizona 20

Baltimore at New England
I rewatched the game from October 3rd twice this week and talked it over in depth with some folks. Most people remember that the Ravens literally dropped the chance at winning the game in the final seconds, but rewatching the game it was fairly obvious that the Patriots made several mistakes around the 7-5 minute left in the game mark that could have placed the game out of reach. Each of the mistakes were made by Tom Brady. This only a few weeks after Albert Haynesworth purportedly broke three of Tom Terrific's ribs. Does Tommy make those same mistakes this week? Not a chance. Is our defense much stronger with 16 games under their young belts? Of course. This will be the best of all four games, but the Patriots will hold on to live another week.

Baltimore 21 - New England 28

Oh, and guess what I have for you:


Aaron_Strout said...

Kyle - I think you're spot on with all your predictions. And nice work on including the fat, blubbering idiot of a Giants fan video. Can't wait for Sunday at noon!

adamcohen said...

That video is still getting better. This time I tried to focus on what his friends are doing and saying. Love the girl at the beginning.

Agree, Brady doesn't make those mistakes again. The team is clicking a lot more and I think Edelman steps it up. Predicting an amazing clutch play from one Kevin Faulk.

KFFBOS said...

Adam...I think that we should transcribe the video and act it out live at SXSWi. Kind of a performance art of the power of social media ;)

Go Pats!

Warren said...

I love you guys, but JETS 24-14!!!!

Bring on the Chargers, because the Ravens are winning tomorrow. And according to Rex, the Jets will be favored. :)

KFFBOS said...

Warren, you were correct, nicely done!

adamcohen said...

OK, 0-2 so far Kyle. Hoping that streak doesn't continue today.

Aaron_Strout said...

Warren - agreed. Nice job by the Jets. They look like they are for real.

Adam - was thinking the same thing. Although if I remember correctly, both NFL and NCAA BB playoffs have a tendency to do this early on. On day, tons of bracket busters. Next day, favored seeds hold serve. Let's hope that applies today.

KFFBOS said...

Seriously...never listen to me :)

KFFBOS said...

No, seriously, I'm about to go 0-4 on Wild Card Weekend if the Cards/Packers score holds. I've NEVER, in all my years of gambling, gone 0-4 on Wild Card Weekend.

I'm stunned.

Warren said...

If you shorted Kyle's predictions, you would have been a rich man :)

Who do you like next week?

KFFBOS said...

I'm still going to post my winners next week, but now that I have no emotional pull I'm hoping it can help me actually win some money. At least I hit the o/u for 3 out of 4 of the games. Almost made up for my money lines...but not really.

adamcohen said...

Kyle - please post your winners next week, I'm going to put my kids' college savings on the opposite to happen. You're a sure thing, better than Rainman.

Aaron_Strout said...

Warren/Adam/Kyle - just withdrew all of my life's savings. Getting ready for KFFBOS' week two predictions so I can bet against the picks.

Seriously though, I am crying like that blubbering, drunk NY Giants fan right now. Actually, I'm not really crying. At least not on the outside...

KFFBOS said...

Aaron, we all cried just a little bit on the inside yesterday.