Sunday, January 03, 2010

NHL Winter Classic Re-Cap

NOTE: When playing each video, best to click 'play', then 'pause' and let a buffer build up before clicking 'play' again so playback isn't choppy.

Here's a fan's-eye view of the 2010 Winter Classic at Fenway in three parts. (Some of this stuff didn't make it onto the network broadcast).


Part 1: Madness in Twins & interviews with some interesting fans.
Part 2: A brush w/ a Red Sox front office big wig and an great fife & drum corp segment.
Part 3: The game-winning goal & crowd reaction.

And it bears mentioning that my Whalers toque got about 25-30 positive comments at the game. 20 years ago, I'd probably have been posting this from the hospital for wearing it.


Jon said...

Thanks for this Derek, great shots of the environs. I can't believe no one has conjectured about the fact that the ritual rendition of Sweet Caroline occurred right before the Bruins' explosion.


Aaron_Strout said...

Nice! Nothing like having our very own beat reporter for BigP. Thanks Derek!