Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Will the Real Daisuke Matsuzaka Please Stand Up?

One of the big question marks coming into the 2010 season is Dice-K... is he going to fade away or come back with a vengeance? Derek and I had a discussion last night on Twitter and we'd love your take. Derek's setting the over/under for regular season wins at 14.5.

Would you take the over or under and why?


adamcohen said...

Have to agree with Kyle's twitter comment, 16 win minimum. He needs to save face from last season and the admission of injury from the WBC. A bigger question for me is which Beckett shows up. He's been alternating dominant and shaky (less dominant, rather) years, so he's due.

SoxPinkPony said...

I hesitate to say great, but I think Dice comes up with a solid year, maybe he even pitches into the 6th inning a few times. He was pretty much humiliated last season and, forgetting the financial details, the Lackey signing could make him irrelevant if he doesn’t step up and perform. He seems to be spending the winter working out and focusing on the season ahead, I expect 15 or 16 wins. It’s time for Mr. Matsuzaka to put up or shut up and he knows it.

I agree about Beckett, that dog has to hunt this season.

Jim Storer said...

I'm taking the over. I think he's ashamed by what happened in 2009 and is determined to come back in the best shape of his career. I wouldn't be surprised to see 20 wins.

We can talk about Beckett next week. :-)

Tim Walker said...

My general feeling: 16 wins.

If he improves his ball/strike ratio SLIGHTLY: 19-21 wins.

Aaron_Strout said...

Great discussion gang. I'm going with 15 but I think he's ERA will be a full run less than the last two years. He'll have less walks and more quality starts but will lose 5-7 by 1 or 2 runs like he did in 2007.

Colin said...

I could go with 16 wins.

What's nice is, IF Beckett shows up to play, the sox just don't need to get that much out of Dice-K to be competitive.

Personally, I'm happy if he can average 6-7 innings a game, with a low 4's ERA.