Saturday, January 16, 2010

NFL Playoffs Week Two Picks

Because my week one picks were SO dead on it is not surprising that so many of you have been emailing, calling and faxing for my week two picks. No worries, I may be cutting it close, but here they are:

Baltimore at Indy

Baltimore is riding heavy momentum, while Indy has had a few weeks to kick back and get fat, with a rookie coach, and they haven't won a game in the playoffs after having a first round bye since...well since they were in Baltimore. Think old school Baltimore fans want to put a hurt on the Colts, you bet they do! It is all pointing to a huge Baltimore upset. Thus that is why I'm going Indy 31-Baltimore 27.

New York (A) at San Diego

You know who will have zero impact in this game? LaDanian Tomlison. You know who else? Mark Sanchez. Guess what will happen. That's right, San Diego rolls, 27-10.

Arizona at New Orleans

My sentimental pick overall is Arizona. That's right, Arizona, although the fact that they are playing my other sentimental pick almost makes me cry. I rooted for the Cardinals the entire playoffs last year and for only one reason, Kurt Warner. I'm a HUGE fan of the man. Strange, seeing that my Patriots were the team that probably gave him his first concussion. The reason is actually very personal and a story that most people probably don't know.

I interviewed for a job with the Rams at the end of May, 2004, which was a blast of a process, but as I left their office buildings located at their practice facility Kurt Warner was leaving as well. He not only held the door for me but ended up chatting with me for nearly 15 minutes in the parking lot. We talked about the day in and day out difficulty of being an NFL player, the politics involved and we even talked about the Pats Super Bowl win and the famous hit he took from Willie. I've been lucky to have been on the field for three NFL games (two in D.C and one in Green Bay, stories for another post) and talked with many players. Kurt Warner was the only one who seemed like an actual human being.

Two or three days later, he was released by the Rams. The meeting he was leaving when we met was most likely his last in St. Louis, and he knew it, but he still spent all that time talking to a football fan in the parking lot. Go Cardinals! Arizona 45, New Orleans 41.

Dallas at Minnesota
5,000 Minnesota season ticket holders said no to their option to purchase playoff tickets. Sign of the times or sign of bad fans? I'm saying 50/50, either way I could not care any less about either of these teams. Favre = ugh. Jerry Jones = argh. Tony Romo = dreamy annoying. Let's just say, um...Minnesota 24, Dallas 21, setting up a week of annoying Cowboys talk here in Austin.

Remember, bet against me and you WILL win. That is the Flaherty promise!


adamcohen said...

What an awesome story. I love hearing that these athletes are human beings too, and when they take time to talk to people it goes a long way. I actually met Willie in Cleveland airport a couple of years ago, I was walking while reading email on my blackberry and flat out walked into him. He laughed and was very cordial. I told him I was from Boston and he shook his head, leaned over and whispered he really wished he was back there. Who could blame the guy? A class act for sure. Doesn't beat the Warner story, thanks for sharing.

And thanks for the picks, I just put my kids' college savings on the opposite to happen. In Mr. Burns fashion: "Excellent."

KFFBOS said...

Adam, not surprisingly Saints up by 14 already. I'm money!

Jim Storer said...

Love the Warner story. Too bad he got side-swiped by a freight train in that game today. I'm rooting for a Peyton Manning interception returned for a TD right now. Ughh...

KFFBOS said...

Really annoyed that my only win is for the team I despise the most. Argh.


Aaron_Strout said...

Kyle - that is a cool story about Kurt Warner. It always amazes me when big time athletes/celebs turn out to be real people. Too bad for him that he ran into a buzz saw called the Saints (don't mind seeing them win actually).

To be honest, I'm really surprised that Baltimore laid an egg against Indy. I at least thought that game was going to be close.

Enjoying the Minnesota/Dallas game right now. While I'm not a huge Favre fan, I do like APete, Percy Harvin et al. Vikes just went up 14-3. Cowboys better stem the bleeding soon or they'll be down by 28 before they know it.

Warren said...

Kyle, cool story! And you went 2-2 this week. Please, don't pick the Jets next week - you've been good luck for us!

KFFBOS said...

Warren, I actually think you want me to pick the Jets, I've been wrong every time :)

ChrisYates11 said...

I got to cover Kurt Warner in 2 Super Bowls and he was a great guy no matter the outcome. The first time I interviewed him the Rams won the Super Bowl and the next time he was upset by the Patriots. However it made no difference in who he was.
Most players treat you well when all is well but Kurt is the same no matter what.
He puts God as the focus of his life and that shows when he stays consistent.
Great player and person.