Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kobe in Green?

Well, it seems as if Kobe Bryant wants to be traded, as he told a reporter yesterday. Could this be the Celtics chance to bring in a franchise player that they sorely need to compliment Paul Pierce? He is still young, and he can put up 50 points on any given night, as well as put people in the seats at the New Garden (or the Old Fleet Center, whatever it is now.) And he would command a price. Therefore:

Is Kobe Bryant worth the Celtics top pick this year, and say, a conditional 1st round pick next year? This probably translates to 2 potentially good players for a great player in Kobe. Contrary to my past post where I was against trading the pick , I say go for it, Green. Pull the trigger, Danny.

How about some NBA chatter and feedback from ya'll.


Adawg said...

When I heard the news that Kobe wanted out of L.A., I immediately thought the same thing... he might look really good in Celtic green. I have to admit, I've never been a huge Kobe fan but a lot of that has had to do with him being on the Lakers (and the fact that hehas a history of being selfish). However, the idea of Delonte and Kobe at the 1-2, Pierce and Szczerbiak at the 3-4 and Jefferson at the 5 is incredibly tempting.

Unfortunately, I think the Celts will have to part with more than two first round picks for Kobe -- most likely this year's first rounder plus Tony Allen and perhaps Ryan Gomes or Gerald Green. Given the fact that the C's would be an instant contender, I say go for it. Let's bring NBA relevance back to the Gahhden!

Cog-Slice said...

I also must admit that Kobe in green was my first thought. And I'd actually welcome it no matter what they would need to do to make it happen. Bill Simmons had the best (and most realistic in my opinion) hypothetical: Gerald Green, Al Jefferson, and the #5 pick for Kobe.

Kobe is probably the best player in the league, in his absolute prime - how many 50+ point games in a row this year? 5, 6? And an 82 point explosion. He is unbelievable. But because of this the Lakers will need to get some future stars, and then some.

Simmons gives a few trade possibilities that are worth the read. In all likelihood, I think that Kobe is headed to either the Bulls or Suns. Both seem like a good fit for him, and both also have some fire power to send to LA.