Monday, May 21, 2007

Are the Yankees Tiger Woods?

And the Red Sox Phil Mickelson?

How come there aren't more national articles about how the Red Sox are kicking ass and taking names in the AL East? Doesn't the team with the best record in MLB deserve some national attention?

A quick scan of and MLB front pages shows a link to one article about the Sox-Braves series and a multitude of articles about the Yankees' turmoil.

This led me to wonder if the Yankees are the MLB equivalient of Tiger Woods. When Woods is +2 on a Friday in any big tournament and Golfer X (call him Sean O'Hair if you want to) is -4, the headline is never Golfer X leads the Blankety-Blank Classic, it's always, Tiger Woods is 6 Strokes off the Lead. Now we all know that Tiger can and has made extraordinary comebacks over the weekend in a given tournament, but until it's Sunday and he's clearly out of it, they won't stop showing him.

So, here we are. The Red Sox have the best record in baseball and there are articles about Joe Torre, Jason Giambi, Bobby Abreu, and a highlight clip of Derek Jeter, but only one article about the Red Sox in both of the major sports sites.

I guess we'll have to wait for the Sunday of the MLB season (August/September) to get any real attention.

If that's the case, in the end, I guess I don't really mind that much. I'd rather be Phil Mickelson wrapping up The Players on Sunday and taking home the trophy…

…and maybe Sunday will come early this year with another series victory in the Bronx.



RedFish said...

Living in a different part of the U.S. from you all, maybe I can offer up a different perspective, nationally. Yes, the Red Sox are doing great, to say the least. They have a great team with great guys, and it is expected that they do well, given the amount of money and talent they have invested into this team. But..
Everyone and their brother knows this.
Therefore, nationally, its neither a good story media-wise, nor is it good fodder around the water-cooler. No surprises. No drama. Nothing to chew on.
The Yankees, on the other hand, are a freakin' train wreck, a spectacle to be seen, a treat for all Yankee-haters. Watch their pitchers go down one-by-one! Will Joe Torre or A-Rod be back next year!? See Johnny Damon looking a bit long-in-the-tooth! Hear Giambi put his foot in his mouth! Its a circus, and we are all invited to see it every night on ESPN. I have personally enjoyed watching them wallow in their suckness and issues this year, and cant wait to see Roger Clemens fall flat on his face as a re-Yankee, one of the worst kinds of Yankees there is. (I really wanted him to come back with the Astros)
Anyway, I would just sit back, knowing that your Red Sox team is the best in baseball right now, enjoy the summah' and the lead you all have right now, and enjoy watching the Yankees stumble. It hasnt happened too often in recent years. We in other parts of the country know that the Red Sox are a good team- you dont need to worry about that. We know that that Becketts great season is on hold because of injury, Manny is still Manny, Matsuzaka has been worth the money, and Big Papi is still the king. The respect and attention will find its way to the Red Sox as it is earned throughout the season on a national level. But also remember that the Yankees have snuck back into a pennant race before, and we surely know that the Sox have blown some big leads in the past, with solid teams. That would be a big time, national storyline that we surely dont want to hear this year. So in the infamous words of Gary Gnu, "No Gnus is good Gnus."

Jim said...

Thank you for speaking to this. In the last 3 weeks, ESPN has had on average 7 stories about the Yankees and one about the Red Sox (normally just the AP game breakdown).

In addition, Baseball Tonight has been weeping constantly about the Yankees woes. Four weeks ago the host of BT actually asked Vernon Wells of the Blue Jays what the Yankees had to do to right their ship.

It is really unbelievable.