Friday, May 18, 2007

2004 Redux

Any members of Patriot/Sox Nation remember 2004? Yes, that's the year we pulled off the bifecta winning our second Superbowl and our first World Series in 86 years. That was something else. Could this be the year that we repeat that feat?

Yes, it's only May and so my prediction is premature to say the least but I can't help feeling really good about both our local sports teams. According to ESPN, the Patriots and Red Sox are number 1 in their respective power ranking polls. Injuries could certainly change things in a hurry but that's the case for any team, right?

What is somewhat astounding to me is that right now the Sox have a 9 1/2 game lead on the Yankees. As the A's, Twins and other MLB teams have proven in recent years, no lead is ever safe in baseball but there is evidence to show that the Yanks have a tough road ahead. If the Sox go a mere 62-60 down the stretch (just a game over .500), they will win 90 games. The Yanks on the other hand would need to go 72-51 down the stretch to reach that same milestone. Not impossible mind you, but still a challenge given their starting pitching.

At the end of the day, the games still need to be played. Playoffs need to be won and rosters need to stay healthy. You gotta love our chances though. And with any luck, we may even end up with a franchise player in the NBA draft. If that happens, might we be looking at a trifecta in 2009?


Junior Gong said...

I was talking mad shit to a buddy of mine in NYC just this morning about the Sox & Pats in line to pull off the double Championships again this year. Long way to go for sure but life is good for the Boston sports fan these days.

I might be in the minority here but if only one team can do it this year than I want it to be the Pats. A 4th Championship in my mind solidifies their place in history as a dynasty and places Brady & Belichek in the greatest of all-time arguments.

TheRooster said...

The Patriots talk around here is just plain crazy. The Pats were the fourth seed in the AFC last year -- FOURTH!!! They've lost their No. 1 RB, their aging LBs are a year older (even with Adalius Thomas) and they are touting a receiving corps in which the only guarantee is that they are shady characters. This team is the clear-cut frontrunner for Team-Most-Likely-To-Be-A-Bust this year. I'll go on record now: they aren't going to win the AFC East.

Junior Gong said...

I'd make a wager on it with you Rooster and even give you odds but since you owe me a C-note from a bet we made well over a year ago I don't really see the point.

You should go apply over at the Globe for Borges' old job as you could fill his shoes nicely.