Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Letter to Ricky Marley (err... Williams)

Dear Ricky,

How are you doing? It's been a while since we've spoken, but I heard through the grapevine that you've had another tussle with the Commissioner. How does that happen?

You were so close to making a triumphant return to the NFL and now it looks like you're headed back to the CFL or maybe for a stint in Europe (gasp!).

Did someone sneak you a *brownie* or was it second hand smoke? Please tell me it wasn't by your own free will?

What's this going to cost you? A couple of million? How much pot would that buy you after you retire?

Have you thought about Dolphin fans? They must be crushed by this news. Hopefully, we'll have a post or two from them here.

Please take a minute to repond here... We'd love to hear what's really going on.

Best - Jim


Cog-Slice said...

Might as well get high as a mo-fo. Nobody stands a chance against that team up in cold-ass New England anyway! Besides, these really ugly orange and teal unis look way cooler when you are stoned. - Ricky

RedFish said...

Nice bait. A bit obvious, but nice bait.
So I'll "repond", as Jim has so eloquently requested.

First of all, NO ONE from the NFL has officially made a statement that RW did indeed fail a drug test. The story was given by "a person familiar with the case." We all know about sources, the media, and their thirst for a story. While it is true that RW was recommended by league doctors to not apply for reinstatement until September, this could possibly, and I repeat, possibly, have more to do with a diagnosed social disorder that he has battled with for years. Really. Now, this being said, if a reporter or a 'source' were to overhear that RW wasn’t going to re-apply to the NFL, it’s easy to assume and run with a story that the reason would be for a failed drug test, given the said players past. Makes for a great, ongoing, storyline, right? However, remember that RWs last failed test had NOTHING to do with pot, although early on it was assumed that this was the case. Since then, Ricky has been tested weekly for over a year without a failed test, and its been more than 2 years since his last issue with weed. It just seems unlikely that after all that time, 2 weeks before his reinstatement he would test positive. It doesn’t make sense. Once again: no one from the NFL or the Miami Dolphins has made this story official other than a story from AP using the aforementioned 'source'. In all fairness, the NFL should officially confirm or deny this story rather than offer a 'no comment'.
However, with respect to the reporter in question, Chris Mortensen, he is usually correct in his reporting, and if this 'story' does turn out to be true, than RW is a fool; an idiot, plain-and-simple, who really does need some psychological help. I was disappointed the first time, but by now its more like 'oh well'. Until I see the hard facts, this story is incomplete, and I hope to see RW back in September ramming it down the Pats throats in his aqua and orange uniform, cog-slice, which represents the beautiful ocean and the warm sunshine, both of which you don’t see too often up there in "cold-ass New England". Still on topic, cog-slice, the USFLs L.A. Express want their old uniforms back. Or did you guys actually buy those rags? Ordinary colors, none-the-less. I mean, c'mon, cog-slice, the freakin' Lions wear blue and silver...better shades of each, as well.

So I stand with Ricky until the whole story is out there. However, I’m not so sure that our new coach will. He will probably trade him for a 7th round pick, only to see RW tear it up in this league with another team, hopefully for you and I, not in the AFC East. Ricky still has skills.

Its always football season at my house.
Go Fins, Go Ricky.

RedFish said...

As an afternote, there is now a rule, called the Ricky Rule, that states that the CFL cannot sign a player who is under suspension by the NFL.

Jim said...

Thaks for reponding - geat perpective!