Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Daily Question for 3/31

From Tim Walker aka @Twalk:

Speaking as realistically (i.e. not as a homer) as you can, what record do you project for the Sox this year?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Red Sox Opening Day in Austin: BoSox Beans and Bones Tweetup & Food Collection Drive

My Uncle used to go to Opening Day every year, no matter what was going on and every year we would take a picture of him holding up the Herald with that day's Opening Day headline. The joy on his face was almost confusing since adults really never seemed to be that happy back in the early 80s and over the years I started to realize what that face stood for; hope. Let's remember, these were not the days of World Championships, more room at Fenway and a team that seems to always be in the hunt. Disappointment rained down upon us each and every year...but not on Opening Day. This was a holiday for most families in New England, where at least alphabetically we were already ahead of the Yankees.

Opening Day still brings with it the beginning of something new and Red Sox Nation has truly grown to all corners of the globe, including a large group situated in the great city of Austin, Texas. In celebration of Red Sox fans of Austin a group of fans, led by the fanatical Jason Stoddard who pulled all of this together, are putting on an Opening Day Austin bash and want everyone in the greater to get their Sox hats on (I'll even let in the pink ones) and come down to Third Base on April 6th for the festivities and for a greater mission.

Capital Area Food Bank

Because Red Sox fans are also giving people the event is being held to help the Capital Area Food Bank and we ask each person to bring at least one can of Boston Baked Beans (and whatever else you can) to help the cause.


Additionally we are putting out all the stops with the well recognized bagpiper Nick Classen (right). Nick has performed for Governors, Lady Bird Johnson, Ross Perot, Prince Charles and more. Nick is going to kick us off and help provide entertainment throughout the game.

Let us know you're coming through Facebook, Twitter or just leave a comment here! And please spread the word!!

When: April 6th from 1-5pm
Where: Third Base, 1717 West 6th Street View Map
Why: To give to the Capital Area Food Bank....and watch the Sox take Game 1 of 162.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

New Blood on the Olde Town Teams

It's hard keeping up with all of the exciting new acquisitions on the Boston's sports teams but for the ones I know about, I couldn't be more thrilled...

  • Celtics: Stephon Marbury & Mikki Moore
  • Red Sox: John Smoltz, Brad Penny & Brad Wilkerson
  • Patriots: Fred Taylor (just confirmed that contrary to what I said in the video, Ray Lewis is staying put.)
Okay gents, let the comments fly!