Sunday, June 22, 2008


Bits and pieces from the Redfish:

*It was supercool that Paul Pierce finally become a "household name" among basketball fans during the Celts impressive championship run last week, as many of the basketball people I know who follow the Western Conference had never really seen him play except for the occasional hi-lite on ESPN. All of the serious fans of the Spurs, Rockets, and Lakers I spoke with were very impressed with Pauls overall game. Finally, they know what Ive been talking about when I would tell them about Pierce, memories of my witness to many dozens of after-work, late-nite rebroadcast Celtics games during the 'Twan' years while living in Boston, (or when I could get a ticket for $20.00 or less out in front of the Fleet Center minutes after tip-off and move to the lower section because there were plenty of empty seats), watching Paul dribble between multiple defenders while taking it to the hoop so fluid and effortlessly, and wonder how such a big, seemingly un-graceful-looking guy could actually be so damn smooth. The Truth is now known nationwide. I know it goes without saying that we are all proud of PP and the Celts, and privileged to have been able to see such a great player year in and year out, good teams or bad, but Im surprised that it took nearly a week, and a Floridian living in Austin, Texas, to even mention the Celts 17th championship win on our blog.

*Any one of you sports fans out there who dont yet own at least a 42 inch hi-def TV are REALLY missing out. Run out fast and get one- basketball, baseball, football, and hockey all look incredible in hi-def. Heck, it even makes golf fun to watch. Face it, you are gonna get one eventually, so it might as well be sooner rather than later. Start saving your pennies now and you'll have one by the World Series

*I find it interesting that the national media are SO in love with the Rays, while leaving Hanley, Dan Uggla, and my Florida Marlins out of the loop, even though the Fish are still hanging around, just 1 game back of the Phillies in the NL east. And while the Rays are in a much tougher division than the Marlins, Florida is staying afloat with a $22 million payroll, half the payroll that the Rays have.

*No matter how good the Cubs seem right now, the Cubs are still the Cubs, and they will eventually blow it again.

*Is anyone watching the College World Series? Me neither. (But I would be only if Florida State U. were still in the tournament, speaking of which, BIG props to FSU alum JD Drew for knocking the crap out of the ball lately.)

*Last but not least, the feckin' Yankees are in the rear-view mirror again, lurking only 5 games back of our beloved Sox with a long season to go, not to mention the aforementioned Rays and their winning ways, breathing down our ass-crack right now, and here we go again. Lots of drama in the coming months, so grab a clam-basket and a frappe from the Clam Box on Wallaston Beach, and get ready for a wild ride and an exciting summah in the AL East…

So says the RedFish

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Off Topic: Best Place for Fried Clams in New England

So I had a hankering for some fried clams today. I normally go to Woodman's when I'm looking for fried seafood. Today I decided to see if maybe I was missing out on something better. Yelp always has good restaurant suggestions. I also could have looked on Zagat's. Instead, I decided to "crowdsource" my fried clam choice by asking my friends on Twitter.

Interestingly enough, Woodman's came up several times as the fried clam joint of choice validating what I already assumed. However, I did got several other great recommendations, one of which I decided to try (Farnham's in Essex). It's hard to say whether or not it was better -- although my wife said that she still prefers Woodman's -- but the fried clams were definitely good. They were a little different in the sense that the batter was drier/more floury but crispy and accompanied by plenty of fries/onion rings. My one fear is that Farnham's would not be able to deal with tons of people in the thick of the summer like Woodman's can but maybe they change things up when they get busy.

Either way, I now have a bunch of seafood places I'm looking forward to trying. See below for some great recommendations (sourced from my friends on Twitter). I left in names so if you decide to try a place out and you like it/hate it, you know who to thank. If we missed any other "must try" seafood places, please leave 'em in the comments.

Friday, June 13, 2008

One for the Pantheon

No question last night's Celtics comeback from down 24 points in the first quarter will go down in history as one of the greatest games in Boston sports lore. But how often do we get to know that as the game is happening?

I sat on the edge of my couch and didn't move for 3 hours. In the 2nd quarter, the C's showed signs of life - I was hopeful that they could cut the lead to less than 10 before the half, but a half court 3 at the buzzer left the Lakers up 18. Everyone knows the Celtics own the third quarter, so I stayed up. I had no idea it would be to witness history.

Watching the Celtics chip away was excruciating - with each block, each Posey 3 pointer, each time Van Gundy pointed out no one has come back from a deficit that big, you start to think, "Could this be it?" It was like watching Lester's no-hitter, or Ortiz come up in the bottom of the 9th against Rivera. There is a magic in the game as it is happening that just can't be scripted, except in basketball it's more drawn out over a couple of hours.

As much faith as anyone should have in the Celtics at this point, they are playing the Lakers - in the first half the Lakers were the same team that shut down San Antonio and was undefeated at home previously in the playoffs. Kobe didn't score a point in the first half, and his team was dominating. In the third quarter I got superstitious - didn't want to change my position on the couch, didn't answer the phone, didn't soothe my 1 year old after I woke him up with a "YES!!!" when the Celtics cut the lead to single digits just after 11pm EST. With all the chest thumping from the Lakers this series, there is no team that has played with more heart than the Celtics in that next hour. Ray Allen played 48 minutes and looked like he could do a triathalon after the game. All I could think after the game was, "I can't believe what I just witnessed."

Not sure where this will fall in history. The Celtics need to close out the series for it to mean anything, but I get to say this once again - what a time to be a Boston sports fan.

(Interesting side note - if the NBA had actually started the game at a decent time most of the eastern seaboard could have seen this game finish. When does Stern acknowledge a 9pm start time is ridiculous?)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Celtics - Lakers anyone still feeling that feeling ?

Just stumbled across a funny article on ESPN about finding L.A. area "Celtic haters"...
Some pretty funny quotes by celebs, players and regular folk like us (just from the wrong coast) about the existing hatred of the Celtics in Los Angeles.

For those of us who were fortunate to live through the 80s basketball heyday in Boston
as Celtics fans there is certainly as much animosity still felt for them.
Here is the link and a nice youtube flashback reminder ..

Take this... Mr Lakers Assistant Coach / horned rimmed jackass**

**I think Bill Simmons touched on this in one of his recent articles about how James Worthy shoved Rambis out of bounds to prevent retaliation, but while watching it repeatedly what struck me as more bizarre than knocking your own teammate down, was Bird actually helping Rambis back to his feet... so much for thinking that it was "old school ball" back then.

Friday, June 06, 2008


Sorry Im a day late, but hopefully not a dollar short. Decided to start at the top again because I cant believe that anyone in RedSox nation wouldnt mind having that P.O.S. Bonds, with all of his baggage, actually put on a Red Sox jersey and represent this team and franchise. I mean, as I sit here and type, he is being accused of 15 felony charges of lying to a grand jury while trying to save his ass and tainted legacy. Do the Sox really need this kind of attention all summah'? I can see it now on all the national news channels, Barry Bonds name being deservedly dragged through the mud, with photos and footage of him swinging the bat and avoiding the cameras and questions, all while wearing a RedSox jersey. A jersey that should demand a good bit of class, integrity, and good character in order to wear it, none of which Bonds possesses. I mean, what if they win the World Series? Would you really want Bonds' crap legacy and only ring to be forever linked to the RedSox and their history? And the last thing the Sox need are babysitters for a 40 year old guy in the clubhouse. I mean, c'mon...Manny and Mike Lowell dont need that crap.

Can the Red Sox be so desperate? Can the fans be so desperate? Is signing Bonds really the right thing to do? I would hope not. Besides,in any 'key situation', opposing teams intentionally walk Bonds anyway.

Give me an update as to whats being said around the watercooler in Boston as to the general feeling of Bonds joining the Sox a few days after the idea was brought up. Is it really a possibility, or just talk? Say it aint so, Theo.

How about Shef?

How's that for a left-handed bat? More importantly, he's nuts, and we need more lunatics, especially while Ortiz is out. This uber-fantasy baseball stuff they're putting on the field is nice, but I want some personality, too. My preference will always be to bring back Millar, but I'd settle for Sheffield. Or Carl Everett.

I am encouraged by Crisp calling the [Devil] Rays "girls," however.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Big Papelbon: Bonds?


I recently saw mention on the Hardball Times - - that there is discussion from the Sox baseball fandom on signing Barry Bonds. I believe that Mr. Epstein would not make this transaction, for the simple reason that he knows that the fans at Fenway would vilify Bonds. The Sox should be able to withstand Big Papi being out for the month, especially with the current state of the AL East. I can't believe there is seriously any discussion from the Sox brass on making this signing.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Do the Right Thing

Remember that movie from the early 90's? It's not essential that you do - but the title of that movie seemed apropos for this post given the number of times people DON'T do the right thing these days.

The "thing" of which I speak is the act of giving back Manny Ramirez's 500th home run ball on Saturday, something which may have cost the brothers Woo from Nahant, MA, $500,000. Yes, you're reading that number correctly - that's the sum of money that Eddie Murray's 500th HR ball fetched 12 years back. And no, the Woo brothers aren't Manny haters. They are just good all around guys.

When I first read this story in the Boston Globe on Sunday, I turned to my wife and said, "you know, stories like this give me faith in mankind." I truly meant that. Once in a while, it's nice to see someone just do something nice vs. what's in their best financial/personal interest.

Ironically, Manny has more money than God (well, maybe not that much, but at $20 million/year, you get the picture) so many people might say, "screw him. If he wants the ball, let him pay me!" Instead, the Woo brothers opted to give the ball back to Manny saying simply, "this is his accomplishment."

What I love about the ending of this story is that Manny has decided to "Pay it Forward" (couldn't resist using another movie title here) by agreeing to auction off his 500th HR ball and then donate the proceeds to charity. Wow! Another story that restores faith in mankind? You betcha. Just another case of Manny being Manny.