Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Entertainment vs. Competition

This morning on WEEI Dennis and Callahan interviewed "Not So" Big Papi. They asked him about how fans treated him last year, and whether he thought fans were down on him too soon in his early season slump. Ortiz, gracious as usual, responded something to the effect that the fans at Fenway have always been his biggest supporters, and that they understand the work ethic and enthusiasm he brings to the table. He also said the athletes have a clear understanding that they are there to entertain the fans, and that the fans expect to be entertained.

That got me thinking. Are professional athletes entertainers? Or are they here to win? If they think of themselves as entertainers, does that jeopardize their chances to win? I guarantee Belichick would never say that "do your job" = "be an entertainer." Thoughts?


Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Are you Going to Blogapalooza? (ON HOLD)

Posting this on behalf of a new friend, Joe Gill, who is running a cool event called Blogapalooza that brings sports bloggers together. His quick blurb on the event is below...

What is Boston Sports Blogapalooza?
  • Social Media Outlets for Sports (bloggers) can finally meet, trade social media tips, and talk shop in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Then I thought why not incorporate the Boston media, local companies, and music.
  • Media of both types (social and traditional) can mingle and discuss all the hot topics on the Boston Sports Scene.
  • Local companies can network with bloggers about their products and services. Partnerships between these companies and social media outlets would be agreed upon right at the event.

This event will be 18 plus. For more details, visit the Blogapalooza Facebook page or website.