Saturday, August 23, 2008

Late Summer Doldrums

Anyone else having a hard time getting into the BoSox? Don't get me wrong, I still check the box scores every evening/morning to see if the Sox have made up ground on the Rays and I do watch more games than not but I'm having a hard time kicking it into gear. Given the fact that we're moving into the stretch playoff run, I need to turn that trend around soon.

Same problem with the Patriots. I'm not worried that they've now lost three straight pre-season games. In fairness, I'm more concerned with Tom Brady's foot injury than anything given the fact that we all know that the Pats fate remains firmly in the hands of Tommy B. I have started to engage with football ONLY because I've had to do my pre-season picks (I'm in three leagues this year - my brothers, Derek Showerman's and Peter Kim's).

I know that once the first real football game starts, I'll start to kick it into gear. I also know that as the nights get colder and we drift toward the end of September, my heart will start racing with every close late inning game. Maybe part of the issue is the fact that the Rays are the ones leading the AL East this year. I am happy for them but don't really see them as a real competitor... yet. The Yanks are the ones I like to loath and they've clearly been ravaged by injuries, poor investments and a general lack of team spirit this year. The Angels still don't scare me either. I know they have more arms and bats in their always competitive lineup but given their past October woes, I still don't see them advancing to the WS this year.

What do you think? I'm sure Mssrs. Cohen, Storer, Strout (John), Quinan, Humbarger (Halos fan), Person, Sukernek and Haslam have something to say. My bro-in-law, "Redfish" should also give us an NL pennant race update (he's a Marlins fan). Let's bring it in the comments!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Newest Arch-enemy, Brett Favre

Well, guess all you east-coasters are waking up today to the news that Brett Favre is now in our AFC East as a member of the NY Jets. I cant say how disapointed I am at this based on the fact that Favre has been a 'must-watch-and-root-for' player in my book for a long time, but now that he is a Jet, and I am a Dolphin fan, I must root against him, no matter what. No more hoping to see him pull one out in the end of a great game, I just want his Jet-ass to get slammed on the turf hard, and have a crappy time on Sunday and/or Monday nights. Lots of angles on this one, so chime in everyone on Bretts' Jets. Uggh.