Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cow Down?

Phillips said the team doesn't feel a sense of desperation going into this game [Saints vs. Cowboys].

"We have confidence in our football team. We're not going to cow down to these guys. We think we can win. Every game we've been in so far, we thought we could win. I believe we feel the same way going into this one."

Is this a Southern version of kowtowing? Does this require something other than bowing? Perhaps it means that they won't be taking off their chaps and bending over for the Saints. Inquiring minds want to know.


Bill Lublin said...

I saw this on your friend feed and just had the need to say
Cow Down - Brown Now
Ok its silly, but if I hadn;t written it here I would have had it stuck in my head all night! Happy Holidays Aaron!

Jim Storer said...

Yeah... Google doesn't know either. It's unprecedented!

Johnny Rooster said...

According to the Urban dictionary, it has something to do with the police... This only confuses things in my mind.