Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ready for the Winter Classic

ice skating at Fenway Park ahead of the 2010 Winter Classic

I'm not much of a hockey guy, but even I'm excited about this year's Winter's Classic.

Outdoor hockey, at Fenway Park, on New Year's Day? Absolutely brilliant (arguably one of the few brilliant marketing moves from the NHL over the years).

This will be the third annual installment of the Classic (with plans to expand to two outdoor games per season soon), and the Bruins and Flyers will have draw plenty of eyeballs this Friday starting at 3:00pm 1:00PM Eastern. Mine will certainly be among them.

Photo courtesy of my sister, Jill Person, who had a gig shooting a family on the Fenway ice last week.


Anonymous said...

You start watching at 3:00 p.m. Eastern and you'll miss half the event. Game time is 1:00 p.m. Eastern.

adamcohen said...

I'm intrigued by the idea, no doubt it's a smart marketing move all around.

3 things I think are strange though:
1) the NHL should stop marketing the game as "The First at Fenway" when they are allowing tons of local teams, kids, etc to use it before the game. Just semantics I guess.
2) I saw in the Globe today that most public schools couldn't afford the 5-figure price to pay to play, but a lot of area private schools were forking over the bill. I think they should have leveraged the ice more - Beanpot? High school tournaments?
3) In Jill's photo you included, I was surpised at the sponsorships - the big banners at Fenway taken down (understandably but odd to see), and other staples covered up on the Monstah. Covidien is a client - I wonder how they'd feel to see their high priced Green Monster logo covered up, even though I'm sure it was just a Red Sox sponsorship.

Should be a great game. BTW - would highly recommend following @MikeButeau - he is a sports reporter for Bloomberg and in town covering the game. He's also a high school friend of mine and working to bring Bloomberg (at least, sportswise) more into social media.

Michael said...

Imagine if they held the Great 8 there for High School Hockey, that would have been incredible. Too bad it is all about the Benjamin's now.

Mike P

adamcohen said...

Doh - after reading Mike's latest update, didn't realize BC vs BU is next week and some other games are lined up. Serves me right for being unplugged this week.

Fenway May Face Rain Delay at Winter Classic Hockey

Bryan Person said...

Thanks for the correction (got wrong time from; next time, maybe leave you name, too, so I know whom to thank?

Bryan Person said...

Adam: You're filling in plenty of details that I hadn't been following, including the note about certain schools not being able to afford the pricetag to skate on the ice. A shame there.

Mike's story indicates that a rain delay or even postponement is possible for the game. I hope the rain becomes snow, because like the Classic game in 2008, in Buffalo, that'd be fun to watch!