Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Best Name" Red Sox Line-Up (All TIme)

With the recent Red Sox acquisition of Boof Bonser, it got me thinking of the best names we've had in the history of the franchise. I'm sure I missed a bunch, so fire away in the comments and I'm sure we'll hammer out a solid All Time team.

Starting Line-up:
LF - Rip Repulski
CF - Coco Crisp
RF - Catfish Metkovich
1B - Walt Dropo
2B - Denny Doyle
SS - Pumpsie Green
3B - Rip Russell
C - Birdie Tebbets
P - Fritz Ostermueller

Hoot Evers
Faye Throneberry
Skeeter Newsome
Ski Mellilo

Boof Bonser
Dick Drago
Pinky Woods
Red Ruffing


Chad said...

Nice start Jim! The first name that popped into my head was Zane Smith. A couple more and we'll have a full starting staff...

Johnny Rooster said...

We can't forget Oil Can Boyd as a pitcher.

Derek Peplau said...

Before I begin, I need clarification on one point: are we only using names which appear on their baseball cards, or are nicknames in play?

"Coco" is not the name that appears on the man's birth certificate, but it's on his Topps, so I don't count that as a nickname. Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd, even though NOBODY calls him just "Dennis Boyd" would NOT be eligible if nicknames aren't in play however, because his cards don't feature his famous moniker.

Most of them anyway.

Jim Storer said...

Let's go with the "Remy Rule" for this one. If Jerry Remy were announcing a game that the player was in, what would he call him? When in doubt, check Baseball Reference for what history's decided his name was. Cool?

Derek Peplau said...

OK then. I'll do some more research, but I think that puts my all time nickname candidate out of the running: Dick "Dr. Strangeglove" Stuart. The Moosup Moose stays at first.

A few other players for your consideration on the bench/bullpen:

C Matt Batts
C Johnny Peacock
P Emerson Dickman
OF Clyde Vollmer (my grandmother's favorite player)

Ted M said...

How does Denny Doyle get the start over Ski Melillo at 2B?

And is there a minimum time with the club needed? Because if not, I think Arquimedez Pozo needs a callup from Pawtucket.

Then after a quick scan of the archives...

Another utility guy who actally had a career - Rabbit Warstler. (Added bonus, played for both the Red Sox and the Braves in Boston.)

And of course, a dud pitcher with a great pitcher name, Win Raamerswaal.

Derek Peplau said...

Can't believe I forgot about Win Remmerswaal. I must be slipping.

Arquimedez Pozo also a great call.

Not that non-Remy nicknames are in play, but Vollmer's was "Dutch the Clutch".