Thursday, December 10, 2009

Trading of Mike Lowell

Anyone have any thoughts on this trade? Sad to see him go, but his defense at 3rd was about as good as a lamppost's. No range at all. Sounds like they are trading him for a catcher who can't catch, but I guess at least they are getting something for him.


Bryan Person said...

Sox don't worry too much about catchers that can't catch. As long as they can "call a good game." Ha!

I actually was just publishing a post about Lowell and more at the same time you put this one live. I understand the move, and that you probably can't have a second glorified DH on the team, but I'll miss 'em.

Aaron_Strout said...

Very said to see Lowell go. Arguably, one of my favorite players ever (ever!) But agree, his ability to contribute defensively at third base is diminishing. And the more I'm thinking about it, MaxRam is likely a short term move on the way to something bigger.

Tim Walker said...

Lowell's an exemplary player. In his prime, above average at nearly everything & very good at the most important things. Plus a great mentality & personality.

But age & injuries are catching up to him. He *might* have another useful year or two left . . . or his production might fall off a cliff. I think the Sox are making the right move to insulate themselves against that risk.

And think about this: if by any chance the Sox land a shortstop who can hit, Scutaro could slide to 3b.