Friday, December 11, 2009

This Decade's World Series Winners

At some point in time, I "okay-ed" some sort of sports app in Facebook and so from time to time, I remember to look at the notifications. Most of them are shit but today's asked an interesting question... "Can you name the World Series winners from this decade?" Amazingly, I not only knew everyone of them but I also remembered who they played against.

Without looking, can you name all ten winners? And as an extra bonus, the losing team? For an extra, extra bonus, name that year's MVP.


Tim Walker said...

First, I'm disoriented by the sudden change in blog layout. Which is not to say that I dislike it.

Second, this is what I came up with from memory - haven't checked anything for accuracy:

2000 - Yankees over Mets in 4.
2001 - Diamondbacks over Yankees in 7.
2002 - Angels over Giants in 7.
2003 - Marlins over Yankees in 6.
2004 - Red Sox over Cardinals in 4.
2005 - White Sox over Astros in 5.
2006 - Cardinals over Tigers in 5.
2007 - Red Sox over Rockies in 4.
2008 - Phillies over Rays in 5.
2009 - Yanks over Phils in 6.

I've never cared about Series MVP.

Tim Walker said...

Now that I've checked Baseball Reference: I forgot that the White Sox swept the Astros.

Aaron_Strout said...

Damn it Tim. How dare you get the "extra, extra, extra" credit portion of this wrong. ;)

Seriously though, nice job.

Regarding the layout of the blog, Bryan asked me yesterday if I'd consider a "lighter" design since it was hard to read. He may actually further tweak but I concurred. My main motivation was that the World Series logo I used had a transparent background so it looked funny on dark blue.

As a side note, it's amazing to me that the Red Sox, Yankees and Rays have been part of 7 of the last 10 WS. Talk about AL East dominance.

Tim Walker said...

Aaron - I like the new look.

By the way, I extended this exercise for myself & was able to name all the Series winners (though not with # of games played) back to 1980. I'm wondering how many of all W.S. winners I could name accurately.

Johnny Rooster said...

What about MVPs. Easy for 2004 and 2007. I think 2001 was Schilling/Johnson or was that season MVP? 2003 - Beckett? 2009 - Matsui. Often it seems to be someone other than who you would think it would be, such as in 2006, you think it would be Pujols, but it was someone like Eckstein.