Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What, me worry?

As a former manager once said, "there's a problem in Boston".

Or more specifically, there are several. My sense of optimism at the start of the season (which, let's just get some perspective here, is only eight (8) games ago) has been severely dampened over the course of the last several days. To review some of the lowlights:

  • Youkilis is the only one who is consistently hitting the ball.
  • Only the Texas Rangers have scored fewer runs in all of baseball.
  • Ortiz has yet to collect an extra base hit.
  • The shortstop position has been baseball's answer to the Spinal Tap drummer.
  • The $100 Million Man from Japan (sporting an ERA of over 12) pulled himself out of last night's game and may go on the DL, apparent collateral damage from Bud Selig's pet project, the World Baseball Classic.
  • Beckett has been suspended.
  • Lester looks fallible.
  • We are 4 games back of The Baltimore Orioles, and have taken up residence in the basement of the American League East.

On and on.

But there is good news as well. The Yankees (the filter through which we tend to view everything as Red Sox fans) have also looked awful (Wang has been a disaster so far, no A-Rod, Baseball Prospectus has suggested that Jeter change his first name to "Past The Diving"). New York has only won two more games than Boston.

I am confident there will be a righting of the ship. It looked like it was going to happen last night after a 3-run first for the Red Sox (a lead that was promptly relinquished by the MVP of the WBC). The team is going to get back on track, and will be in the hunt, but it's not hitting the panic button (a graphic I deliberately chose NOT to use for this post) to say that there are some areas of concern which, if not addressed, could turn into more significant impediments to making it deep into the playoffs.

If I had to pick one, I'm picking the lack of a game-changing bat in the lineup. Ortiz is really concerning me. How worried are you in general, and what's the biggest problem facing the team in your view?


Rob said...

Worried? It's a little early to be worried. Concerned - sure. Seeing the Sox beaten down by Nomar Garciapopup and Orlando Abracabrera made it considerably tough this week.
I think they'll fix the pitching issues. I'm concerned about hitting, of course.

New batting coach?

Eric said...
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KFFBOS said...

I never worry before Memorial Day, not worth it. They'll come back home and go on a 8 for 10 streak and nobody will think twice about this part of the season.

Eric said...

I am very concerned but optimistic. The health issues, while they are hurting us now, are not huge deals. The bats are slowly waking up though I am worried about extra base hits and stranding men on base. These are things that can be worked on. I say when they land back in Boston they need a little pep talk. Get Rice or Pesky in there. Even better, Millar (since they are facing Baltimore). Once one or two guys (other than Youk) get a hot bat the other guys will step up. (post deleted and reposted with typo corrected)

KFFBOS said...

Everyone feel better now after the sweep of the O's?

Now, let's debate Papi's future with the team!