Friday, May 01, 2009

Big P Friday Quiz

Look what happens when I go away for a few weeks - no posts, no comments... Big Papelbon is on virtual life support. Thankfully, the Red Sox have picked up the pace and won a good percentage of games (85% to be exact) since you all have been on sabbatical. Well, it's time to get back to it.

Three Questions for Friday

1. Who is the last Red Sox player to hit for the cycle and when did he do it? Follow up - who would you put money on to hit the cycle in 2009?

2. When was the Red Sox last 100-win season? Follow up question for the comments is what is the liklihood that the Red Sox will reach 100 wins in 2009?

3. Who won more Cy Young awards as a Red Sox player, Pedro Martinez or Roger Clemens? Follow up - should they retire either of these guy's #'s in Fenway Park?

Looking forward to your comments.


Derek Peplau said...

Too right, Jim. There's certainly been blog-post-worthy stuff happening to. For shame!

All guesses posted with no internet research.

1. I'll say the last one was Greenwell in 1990 or so. The next one could very well be Pedroia (you've got to WANT that triple!)

2. I'd guess the last 100 win season occurred when Austria-Hungary was still a country. Don't think it'll happen this year.

3. I'm thinking advantage Pedro 3-2 for Cy's in a Red Sox uni. Should they retire Pedro & Roger's numbers? In my opinion, no and no. Will they? Pedro: yes. Clemens: no (I'm fairly certain that 'no' is a mortal lock at this point.)

Doug Haslam said...

Aw, you're making me feel guilty.

1) I honestly want to say Scott cooper is the last guy to hit for the cycle, though I can;t for the life of me picture him hitting a triple. Coop had trouble getting from 1st to 3rd on a ground rule double

-- Who is most likely to hit for the cycle this year? Lugo. It's all about the triples, plus I'm different

2) Last 100-win season without looking it up? Probably 1946

3) Let's see, Roger won 3: 1986, 1987, 1991. Pedro won 2 I think, so Roger. Retire numbers? Roger no, Pedro probably no. He had 8 mostly great years here, but I see those numbers as reserved for players who are more "lifers" w/ the Red Sox (I would put Clemens in that category, but steroids = GFY).

Doug Haslam said...

Oh, forgot-- I don;lt think the Red Sox get 100 wins this year. In fact, I think 90-92 wins takes the division

MSGiro said...

1. I think JD Drew will hit for the cycle then go on the 15 day DL immediately following to let a hangnail heal.

2. Actually the AL is really even at this point and the Sox have the pitching (especially bullpen) to win a lot of games.

3. Neither. Pedro wasn't here long enough and Clemens needs about 40 years of distance to get fans behind the idea.

Derek Peplau said...

Surprisingly, Rich Gedman hit for the cycle in '85.

Doug Haslam said...

Looked up my answers-- wow, I got them all right except the cycle (but my answer was the 2nd most recent cycle

Aaron Strout said...

Jim - mostly bad on my since I was the original blogger on BigP. I've thought about starting about 10 posts over the past couple of weeks but other shit got in the way. So here are my answers:
1) For Cycle, I think someone did it 2-3 years ago. I also want to say against Texas. Was it Bill Mueller? Ellsbury or Pedroia are next to hit cycle for Sox and one will happen this year.
2) Doug already spoiled last 100 win season for me but I would have reached back into the Ted Williams era. 1946 had a 50% chance of being my answer. No way they win fifty this year. Probably 95-97.
3) Clemens had more as a Red Sock.

Jim Storer said...

1. John Valentin hit for the cycle in June 1996. I think Pedroia has the best chance to do it in 2009 and I'd plunk down a sawbuck on even 2-1 odds.
2. 1946. Doug and Aaron nailed this one. I'm sticking with 96 wins for this year.
3. Clemens. Doug and Aaron had this one too. In 20 years we might look at Pedro's 8 years in a totally new light. While most current retired #'s were lifers, eight years might look like a long time by future standards. And oh what an eight years they were.