Thursday, May 07, 2009

Manny being Steroid User

I have to say that I was very surprised to hear that Manny was caught using a banned substance. Having followed Manny through the years, he just didn't seem to care enough to take PEDs. That is not a knock on Manny, but he struck me as a player that enjoyed playing the game, enjoyed making money, but if he didn't play, then that was enough. Anyway, to me, this means one of two things:

1. Manny being Manny, it wouldn't surprise me if he really didn't know he was taking a banned substance. Remember, this is the man that left thousands of dollars in checks in his car and locker.

2. If Manny is taking drugs, then everyone in baseball is taking drugs.

I am very hopeful this will be cleared up, but have a feeling this is just another dark chapter in baseball's "Steroid Era" - which despite baseball saying otherwise, is clearly not over.


adamcohen said...

I can't say I am surprised, but really disappointed this will open up a firehose of naysayers questioning the '04 and '07 series. Same deal with Spygate and the Patriots. The fact is I think lots more were on steroids, on all teams - agree with #2. I think it's possible for both #1 and #2 to be right now that I think about it.

Aaron Strout said...

Agreed. And disappointed that anyone would call into question the legitimacy of the Sox '04 and '07 wins.