Monday, April 06, 2009

Question (s) of the Day: Opening Day

Behind the Plate

I thought it would be fun to get you thinking about the game a little early this morning with three quick questions about the game. Let us know how you plan to celebrate Opening Day in your comment.

1. Will the Red Sox hit a home run today and if yes, who will hit the first one?
2. How long will Josh Beckett last and who will come in to relieve him?
3. Will they pull the tarp over the infield at any time during the game and if yes, during what inning?

Play ball!!


adamcohen said...

Looking forward to seeing many at the Opening Day Tweetup, rain or shine, at

In the event the game is still held (fingers crossed):
1. Yes, Jason Bay is going to hit the first of the season.
2. Beckett will go 6 2/3
3. The dreaded tarp will make at least one appearance today, in the middle of the 3rd inning.

Chad Northrup said...

1. Mike Lowell will go yard first
2. Beckett will go 5 strong (his start will be cut short by a rain delay), to be followed by Masterson
3. The tarp will be placed on the field to start the 6th.

I plan to celebrate by sporting my Red Sox sweatshirt and sipping a Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA as I watch the replay of the game on NESN this evening. Go Sox!!

Mukund Mohan said...

1. David Ortiz - bottom of 4th
2. Beckett wont finish. He'll be relieved in the top of the 6th or 7th.

Aaron Strout said...

So does this carry over 'til tomorrow?

Jim Storer said...

@aaron - sure, but i'm posting another QOTD for today. :-)

Johnny Rooster said...

Interesting to see everyone's predictions and how close they were. Not surprised to see Pedroia hit the first and pleasantly surprised to see Tek hit the second.