Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Question of the Opening Day: Take Two

Today's question comes from Natanya Anderson, new baseball fan and inquiring mind.

What do you think of Ortiz? Was last year a slump or the beginning of the end?

Please expand your responses to include your projection for his next three years (the final years in the club's current deal with him). Thanks!


Derek Peplau said...

I personally believe he's on the back nine. I think the Mo Vaughn comparisons are apt as far as what happens to a big guy like Papi as he gets into his mid 30's. I assume 'projections' is meant to mean HR's, so I'll predict 22, 19, 17.

Aaron Strout said...

My money says that Ortiz will definitely have a better year than 2008 (.295 / 100 RBIs / 32 HRs) but like @Peplau said, he's on his "back nine."

KFFBOS said...

This is a tough one to answer because it involves what I WANT and what I THINK. Removing my Red Sox fandom here is what I think will happen. A wrist injury is devastating to a hitter like Ortiz (look what it did to Nomar) and at his age I see it becoming extremely challenging for him to perform at a level we've grown accustom. That being said I do see Ortiz with 1-2 years left where he is still a decent DH. But you are going to see it fall apart really fast and the Sox will not wait long to cut him loose (tough, I know, but it's why this franchise competes so well). If it was anything else but the wrist I wouldn't be so pessimistic.

2009: .301, 35, 115
2010: .287, 29, 109
2011: .267, 22, 91

Also, look to his 2007 numbers to be a true barometer, IMHO.

Doug Haslam said...

If Papi is recovered from Wrist surgery, then he's fine-- I don;t think he plays until 40 though, he just seems to be one of those players who dominates for only so many years before decline-- but we may have a few years left.