Monday, October 26, 2009

World Series predictions?

Same approach as last time -- first you say what you WANT to see happen, then you say what you think WILL happen.



Derek Peplau said...


I'm waffling between one of two preferred outcomes.

Option A: Phillies win in a four games to none destruction by an average margin of 7.5 runs.

Option B: Phillies win in 7 games after a back and forth affair. Championship winning run reaches base when A-Rod (batting 1.000 for the series) misplays a ground ball which caroms off his mouth scattering most of his teeth around the infield like so many Chiclets. Runner takes 2nd and then third as Posada's throw sails into center field. Chamberlain then proceeds to walk the next three batters forcing in the winning run.


Yankees in 5 games 2 of which will be blowouts in their favor.

KFFBOS said...

OK, I'm about to blow all your minds...what I want and what I think is one in the same.

Yankees in a sweep.

I don't mind the Yankees winning this year, it's just not the same vitriol of the past, at least for me. I appreciate the way this team plays and actually have really grown to enjoy watching them play night in and night out. It's just nice to see a down to earth team put away the petty arguments and diva like attitudes and just grind it out as a coagulated group of winners. Furthermore this franchise deserves it after the horrible pain of the past decade. How much more can you expect them to suffer after a blown WS in '01, a blown LCS in '04, missing the playoffs (playoffs?) in '08. I feel for those pained Yankee fans and what they have gone through. I weep for them and cheer for them now!



Phils in 6 and Pedro pitches a no-hitter.

Go Phils!

Bryan Person said...

You did get me, Kyle!

WANT: Phillies, of course. Any number of games is fine.

THINK: Some chinks in the armor in the Yankee bullpen have started to appear. That ultimately spells their doom, and the Phillies take it in 6.

Aaron_Strout said...

Kyle didn't fool me for a second... His hate for the men in pinstripes runs deep.

I'm very aligned with Bryan's prediction in terms of "THINK."

What I "WANT" is for Hank Steinbrenner to call Bud Selig after game three and beg to forfeit the rest of the World Series based on the beat down the Phils will put on the Yanks in the first three games. The parting shot in game four is of A-Rod looking hangdog in the dugout after realizing that NY fans still loathe him in spite of his impressive stats in the ALDS and ALCS. And no, this is not the year that he shakes the nickname, "the Cooler."

Jim Storer said...

I thought Kyle had stopped taking his meds...good to see order restored to the universe.

I THINK it's going to go six games. They split the first two. Phillies win two of three at home and then close it out back in the house Jeter built.

I WANT ARod to revert to his whiny, .119 hitting, error prone playoff self... I want to see "the face" over and over again in this series. I want Jeter to hit .500 and play flawless ball and watch ARod ground into a series losing double play. I want Mo Rivera to get called on one too many times and falter at the critical moment in game six. I want to see Pedro pitch like it's 1999... just one more time. I want to see @goodridge stay awake for an entire Yankees playoff game (day games not included). I want the Yankee outfield to play so well there's no reason to even consider going after Jason Bay in the off season. I want a cold beer.

Doug Haslam said...

WANT-- Phillies Sweep, and all the question marks the Yankees had in the sprin come back to bite them; Sabathia remembers he can't pitch big games, Burnett has a typical meltdown, A-Rod bat .080, Satan comes around to pick up his end of the Jeter contract a little early... basically, an all-around Yankocalypse.

THINK. Yankees in 5. They'll continue to get away with murder. I may pull a Tyson Goodridge and sleep through the series- like most of America.

Tyson Goodridge said...

So many retorts/comments so little time..

Derek- love that response...I know you thought hard on that one..

Kyle- you had me going- and we've only met, like one time..A Pedro no-hitter would be kinda cool to see in Yankees stadium- I like my Yanks, but also like great stories- and that would be a great one for the record books/historians.

Bryan- I hear ya- middle relief looks weak

Aaron-nice one! I honestly would LOVE to see the Steinbrenner family lose ownership to the team in a good game of high stakes poker during one of Bill Simmons yearly Vegas trips... Then Bill would auction off the team to the highest bidder in his fantasy football team or something equally wacky...You know who I'd love to see take Steinbrenner's place? Someone scrappy/cocky like Mark Cuban who would blog every day about how good/bad A-Rod is. And Gus Johnson would be a minority owner.. :-)

Jim- agree on Mo- he's gettin' old. All those good stats are bound to catch up with him. My bet is that Mo blows 2 saves during the series. Oh, and I have caught up on my sleep with a "pre-emptive" sleep night last night- went to bed at 8pm to recharge the batteries)

OK, as the resident Yankees fan/punching bag/butt of all jokes, here it is..

Ok, so you know I am a Yankees fan, so I'd like to see 'em win.. But I'd like to see the following happen.

I want to see the series go an excruciatingly long and painful seven games. Yankees fans and baseball fans deserve a nice, long, drawn out series to mix it up a bit.

I want a classic, like Twins/Braves in '91. I want to be a complete stress case for the next ten days. I want to see great pitching, clever base running, and timely hitting.

I want to see Petitte pick off Jimmy Rollins during the top of the 9th in a tied game 7

I want to see Joba strike out the side in 2 consecutive innings.

I want to see A-Rod BUNT home the game winning run in the bottom of the 9th...

Bottom line, I want a GOOD series- Out of the last 5 world series- only 1 world series hasn't been a sweep..

What WILL Happen.

Yanks will split first 2
Phillies win 1 of 3 at home

Yanks win Game 6...

Tim Walker said...

Given that my post was less than 25 words, this may be the best comment thread, pound-for-pound, I've ever provoked.

But I should share some credit with the Yankees for that. ;)

Keep 'em comin', folks . . .

Aaron_Strout said...

Tyson - you just did a pretty amazing job in jumping into shark-infested waters wearing a vest made out of fish guts without losing a limb. Nicely done.

Chris Palsho said...


Cliff beats CC in game one and Phils split in NY, then take 2 of 3 in Philly, and finish the yanks off in game 6 in an offensive showdown.

Utley has zero errors, Howard dominates NY pitching, and Senor October (Carlos Ruiz) continues to impress.

Victorino robs A-Rod three times throughout the series with a diving catch, Lidge doesn't blow a save, and Park/Durbin/Happ all pitch well enough to keep Madson in the bullpen and go straight to Big L in the 9th.


Phils take it in 7 but their bullpen allows 2 blowout Yankee wins when Manuel over-manages the bullpen. As much as I hate to admit it, A-Rod continues his great post-season and Pedro loses in game 2.

Two of the philly wins come from behind in the 8th.

Tyson Goodridge said...

Realized I never responded to @dough's comment- Sorry Doug!

I think Burnett WILL crack from the pressure a bit, and lose.. I remember reading/hearing from someone that Burnet is a liitle "off" in the clubhouse (like Kyle w/o his meds?)

And please give a warm welcome/hazing/teasing to Chris Palsho- good guy and a Phillies fan- so that makes me officially THE persona non grata..

Tim Walker said...

Welcome, Chris -- happy to have you aboard.

adamcohen said...

WANT: Yankees to collapse, A-Rod to have an epic collapse - 5 errors, .080 AVG for the series, ejected in Game 2, in a 4-game Phillies sweep.

THINK: Yankees win in 7, CC = MVP. Every game is a stomach punch game.

ALSO THINK: Kyle has a side gig potential opening for Dane Cook.