Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Who's it gonna be: Tigers or Twins?

Which team are you cheering for in today's AL Central one-game tiebreaker (TBS, 5:07pm EDT start)?

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Jim Storer said...

If you're not rooting for Detroit (the city and the team), I question whether you have a heart.

Bryan Person said...

Not quite sure why that is, Jim. I view the Twins as the sentimental choice: last season in the crappy Metrodome, nice comeback these last couple of weeks, Joe Mauer, lost the Game 163 tiebreaker to the White Sox last year. Plus, the folks in the Twin Cities are just so darn nice!

It's an easy choice for me: Minnesota.

Aaron_Strout said...

At this point, my inner Red Sox fan kicks in and asks, "which of these two teams has the best shot against the Yankees?" Given Detroit's stumble to the finish line and Minnesota's post-All Star break surge, I gotta go with the Twinkies.