Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Playoff Predictions?

Time to exercise your baseball prognostication powers . . .

In the comments, please list TWO things:

1. What you WANT to see happen in the rest of the playoffs.
2. What you PREDICT will happen in the rest of the playoffs.



KFFBOS said...

1) I WANT to see the Red Sox declared eligible for the World Series.

2) I'm cheering for Manny and the Dodgers to beat the Yankees in 7 games.


Tyson said...

(am I even allowed to post here?- ok- here I go, posting at my own risk.....)

1) WANT to see the Yanks beat the Angels in 4
WANT to see the Dodgers beat the Phillies in 7

2) PREDICT that the Yanks will barely get by the Angels
PREDICT that the Phillies will beat the Dodgers in a squeaker of a series...

Aaron_Strout said...

Tyson - we can't stop you from posting here (I kid!)

Kyle - apart from the Red Sox being readmitted to the World Series on a technicality, I'm with you. Although I'd actually prefer the Dodgers to crush the Yankees in 4.

Pulling for Halos to win and lose out to Philly in the WS, making it another year where Fox and the MLB get crushed on TV ratings. ;)

Derek Peplau said...

1. I WANT the Yankees to lose to the Angels in 7 games with what ends up being the winning run being scored on a passed ball by Posada. Icing on the cake would see A-Rod caught with (another) stripper following game 1 serving as another massive distraction which will cause him to go into another offensive tail-spin.

2. I PREDICT that the Dodgers will fall to the Yankees in 5 games in the World Series following an ALCS where New York beats LAAofAinCAUSAPlanetEarthMilkyWayTheUniverse in 5 games.

Tyson said...

Couldn't resist adding another thought here...

Derek- love your comments, and especially the graphic details.

Aaron- a Phillies/Halos WS would be an absolute sleeper, and if it does come to that, I want 3 things to happen.

1. Fox to fire Buck-keep McCarver. As a Yanks fan, yes McCarver is a little too biased towards Yanks, but he has good instincts and can predict plays happening.

2. Fox to fire Buck as a NFL broadcaster as well. His
non-call of Tyree's catch was the biggest travesty of the Super Bowl- it sounded like he reading numbers from his tax return

3. Get Gus Johnson (of CBS/March Madness fame) to cover the World Series...(For background on Gus....http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/blog/index?name=simmons&entryDate=20070320)

Tim Walker said...

Tyson: Gus Johnson FOR PRESIDENT.

Or at least to call every Superbowl and EVERY March Madness final.

Tim said...

1. I want the Yankees to be swept, and for several of them to be injured through next season. I would like to see the Dodgers take out the Phillies.

2. The Yanks take out the Angels without much trouble, and the Phils get by the Dodgers. Then, THEEEEEEEEEE YANKEES WIN! THEEEEEEEEEEEE YANKEES WIN!!

Shoot me.

Bryan Person said...

- Angels over Yankees
- Dodgers over Phillies
- Truly undecided between Angels/Dodgers

- Yankees over Angels (it's killing me)
- Phillies over Dodgers
- Yankees over Angels (it's really killing me)

Chad Northrup said...

1) AL WANTS- Angels sweep Yankees, A-Rod to go 0 for the series and get dumped by Kate Hudson, who goes on to write a damning tell-all book in which she details his obsession with lip gloss.

NL WANTS - Phillies sweep Dodgers. Manny shows his true colors and sits out the series due to a sore hamstring.

World Series WANTS - Phillies over Angels in 7 (so the Angels won't get too cocky heading into next season)

2) AL PREDICTIONS - Yanks over Angels in 5. Video evidence surfaces that Mike Scioscia is actually a weeble.

NL PREDICTIONS - Phillies over Dodgers in 5. Joe Torre unable to make crucial Game 5 call to bullpen because his finger gets stuck in his nose.

World Series PREDICTION: Phillies shock Yanks in 6. Charlie Manuel caught napping in the dugout due to the late start times. Posada strangles Girardi, assumes role of player-manager next season.

Tyson Goodridge said...

Hi guys- random non-sequitor here, but just read Bill Simmon's Friday post and had to repeat this for all Gus Johnson fans here.

"So here's my question: We're 5-for-5 with memorable Bengals games. Gus Johnson called two of them. Clearly, SOMETHING is happening here. Why not just assign Gus to the Bengals until they play a blowout? I say we ride this like a hot blackjack table"

Tim Walker said...

Tyson -- The other day I read that Simmons quote to my wife. Even though she's a super-duper-casual sports viewer, even SHE agrees that Gus Johnson is the best.

Tyson Goodridge said...

Aaron- now that predictions are in, maybe time to change the subject to Gus Johnson-isms or favorite Bill Simmons' quotes... :-)

Aaron_Strout said...

Tyson - this is actually Tim's post so he has the power of God to change titles. ;)

Rodney Harrison said...

I want to see Tyson's Yankees go down in flames. It looks their manager does too.

I think they'll get past the Angels and then get their @ss handed to them by the Phillies.