Sunday, May 24, 2009

A-a-and the Sox take first place.

Everybody in the East except the Sox lost today. The Jays have come back to earth with a six-game losing streak. The Yankees lost deliciously, at home, to the defending World Champions.

Yet only four games separates the Sox from the fourth-place Rays, who are probably a little better than their record indicates.

Thoughts? Where do things go from here?

(Oh, and unless you're Doug, the other Tim, Warren, or Kyle, make your picks for the all-time Sox team in the comments thread for the previous post.)


Aaron Strout said...

Here are my thoughts forty games into the season:
1) hitting is better than I thought (especially Lowell, Varitek and Nick Green). Nice to see Youk, Pedroia and in particular, Bay continue their "kick ass" ways.
2) starting pitching is a little worse off than I thought - I'm still pretty sure they will dominate down the stretch as Beckett and Lester seem to be coming around. Dice K should also help. Penny, Wake and Masterson have been studs.
3) bullpen - every bit as awesome as I had hoped and then some. the blown save by Paps last night stung a little but hey, you literally can't "save" 'em all.

Regarding the Yanks, they are obviously a hell of a lot better w/ A-Rod in the lineup. In two ways really... A-Rod is A-Rod. Great in the regular season (even in the clutch sometimes) until it counts. Texeira was feeling A LOT of pressure to perform and so now with A-Rod back, some of that pressure has subsided. The Yanks will be nipping at the Sox heels at the end of the season.

Blue Jays - two good starting pitchers away from being dangerous. Still LOVE Doc Halladay (he'd look great in a 'Sox uni next season).

Rays - sophomore slump sets in. They aren't sneaking up on anyone this year. Plus, the "kids" are probably just a tad full of themselves. Like the job Jack McKeon is doing though. And Eva Longoria's brother is a monster. He'll be better than A-Rod in 2 years.

O's. Have they been demoted to AAA yet?

KFFBOS said...

I have only one thought because I find it a bit premature to look at anything until mid-June; Papi. I said it at the beginning of the season and I'll say it again, we have to start thinking honestly about what to do with our DH. Do not get me wrong, the man has done so much for this organization and the city of Boston, but great organizations know when to cut the chord with their great players at the right time (think 49ers with Montana, or Patriots with nearly anyone).

Is it time to drop him down to 6th or 7th in the order? Do you put him on the 15 day DL? Do you consider replacing him permanently before the trading deadline?

This is what is on my mind, because first place in May means nothing unless you are Dan Duquette ;)

Jim Storer said...

I'm glad Kyle added the comment about Papi, if was the first omission that came to mind when I first read Aaron's comment.

The only other thing I'll add is that I'm amazed the Red Sox are where they are given the significant time put in by "bench players." Nick Green, Jeff Bailey and Jonathan Van Every (to a lesser extent) have spent time in the starting line-up, which only speaks to the depth of this team and should bode well for the future.

I'm with Aaron on ARod... the Yanks aren't the same team without him.