Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Schilling Back with the Red Sox?

Whether he's just playing with us or he really means it (I think the latter), it looks like Schilling will be back with the Red Sox in 2008.

If you asked me about this a couple of weeks ago I would have said there was a 30% likelihood this would happen. Now if we can just wrap up Lowell and get something in return for Coco, I'm feeling good about the starting line-up and rotation for 2008.


Johnny Rooster said...

Schilling has reportedly signed a one year agreement with the Sox.

Adawg said...

Boston.com just confirmed it. Pending a physical, Schilling has been resigned to a 1 year, $8M deal with $2M in incentives. More here: http://tinyurl.com/bb7pb

Anonymous said...

What happened to your entry reporting that Lowell had been resigned? You really shouldn't just delete things without noting what was deleted and why-- it smacks of trying to rewrite history. Just admit you were wrong- no biggie.