Saturday, November 03, 2007

5 Reasons ARod is an Asshole

Do I even need to write this post? Am I telling you anything you don't already know? Probably not but I feel morally obligated to write this post. I'll keep it brief because otherwise I'll end up spinning into an endless diatribe about baseball's most hated player.

Here are five out of a thousand reasons to dislike this guy:
  1. Is there any less classy move than announcing your decision to opt out of your contract in the final innings of game four (the deciding game) of the World Series. This was an FU to Red Sox fans, Yankees fans and any real baseball fan for that matter. In essence, ARod and his butthole manager, Scott Boras, we're saying "we're more important than the most important game of America's favorite pastime.
  2. Asking for $350 million dollars when you've accomplished absolutely ZERO in the post season. I don't care that he's the best player in baseball during the regular season, the post season is when it counts. Ask Kirk Gibson, Mark Bellhorn or JD Drew. Jerk (ARod that is, not JD Drew) - these guys all went from regular season turds to post season heroes. Not Mr. July.
  3. His teammates hated him in Seattle, Texas and New York. That tells you a lot about his character. He's not called "The Cooler" for nothing.
  4. He tried to fight Jason Varitek in 2004. Really? Last time I checked, Varitek was one of the most respected guys in baseball.
  5. He wears a purse when he's running to first base. Okay he doesn't really wear a purse but I've always loved this picture.

Feel free to add to this list in the comments 'cause there are a ton more reasons to dislike this guy.


Anonymous said...

god I hope th red sox get to pick him up this time around

Johnny Rooster said...

Though, ironically enough, reports say that he has been telling close friends that he would like to play for the Red Sox. He will have to come down pretty far from his request for the GNP of Africa for that dog to hunt.

Adawg said...

Let's see, if we don't resign Schilling, Lowell and waive big Papi, I think we can afford ARod. That sounds like a worthwhile givup to me!

Chris said...

I think the WS announcement was one of the biggest douchebag moves of all time. The guy(s) (OK, maybe it was unilaterally decided by Boras to announce during the game - not A-Rod, but still) honestly put Gay-Rod above all of Baseball. ALL of Baseball! Last I checked, the game was still a team sport.

I think that there's about a 1% chance that A-Rod comes to Boston. All of Aaron's reasons are good, but I think that there is an overwhelming reason why he won't be picked up (the obscene money aside). He doesn't fit in the program. Yes, Manny is Manny, but somehow that continues to be endearing - almost campy for some reason. An ego like A-Rod has zero place on the bench. '04 was the losers - the pine tar helmet, dip chewing, don't give a fcuk, 'aw shucks' kind of attitude, and '07 was somewhat similar. A-Rod is a head case, pretty boy prima donna, purse wearing egotist that always puts himself ahead of a team. Boston's no place for that kind of dude. I'm figuring the front office feels the same way.

*crosses fingers...

The Reality Soldier said...

I would love for the Red Sox to sign a rod... as long as it's inanimate and made of carbon. ARod, on the other hand, is king douche and should not be signed by anyone.

lionrorz said...

Let's see, Madonna or my beautiful wife????? Jesus are farm animals next?