Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Called on the Carpet

Okay "Anonymous," whomever you are. You've called me on the carpet. This is the place where I'm setting the record straight.

For those of you who are wondering what I'm talking about, last night, there was a lot of swirl around the Red Sox re-signing 3rd baseman, Mike Lowell. Based on a few reports I read, it sounded like a deal might get worked out before midnight. I've always wanted to break a story and I thought this might be my shot. So I took a crack at what the headline might look like. "Sox Sign Lowell for Four Years at $48 Million" is close to how it read. Well, it wasn't true. My bad.

Today, "Anonymous" wrote a comment on that post and said "where's your source on the story. I haven't heard that from anyone else." Well, rather than comment back which I meant to do but never got to, I deleted the post. I shouldn't have.

The reason I did delete it was that by this evening, it was obvious that the Sox hadn't re-signed Lowell yet so I thought, "gee, it's kind of dumb to keep that post up" so I deleted it. Shortly thereafter, mr. or mrs. anonymous called me on the carpet saying that I should explain myself.

Well, there you have it. I've confessed. I'll take my fifty lashes with a wet noodle now. ;)

Seriously though, I do appreciate you keeping me honest.


RedFish said...

Someone at work told me a similar story on Sunday, that Lowell and the Sox had 'reached an agreement' based on a ticker/scroll(?) that he saw on the bottom of his TV screen. So you werent alone, Adawg.

But the real story is: "Why the heck havent the Red Sox offered Mikey a 4-year, $48 million contract?" Or something. Every day he isnt signed makes me wonder...and cringe.

Adawg said...

LeeB - yeah, I figured that others were in the same camp. And I couldn't agree more, why the hell haven't these guys pulled the trigger yet? Let's hope they get the deal done a la Varitek following the 2004 WS!